Exclusive: Chitrangda Singh: I am a hard core romantic person in real life!

img By Ruchita Mishra | July 24 2018 18:45:57 IST
Chitrangda Singh the sexy actor turned producer is everyone of everyone, her film SOORMA as a producer has been a huge success as it told a tale of an unsung hero.
Chitra has never shied away from doing roles which leaves a huge impact on the minds of the people, be it playing Geeta or a hot professor in DESI BOYZ she has aced all the roles well.
Chitrangda is content and happy, and would love to be seen more often in films. She will be seen romancing Sanjay Dutt in SAHEB BIWI AUR GANSGTER 3 and will soon go ahead with yet another film.
In an exclusive conversation with Chitrangda Singh she spoke about her film SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER 3, her fan moment with Sanjay Dutt and the accolades she is receiving for SOORMA.
Excerpts from the interview!
Congratulations! Chitrangda well received response for SOORMA did you expect it?
Thank you, I am very happy I really didn’t think of it, it all started when I was going through my personal battle I started to write and read, being a sports person I was inclined towards sports and I happen to read about Sandeep Singh and was touched by his life and thought of making a film. It wasn’t easy even the process, getting people on board and meeting people to convincing their family, but after all this I am thankful, overwhelmed and blessed that people liked the film.

So now we see you more acting or producing?
Acting for sure (Smiles), production is a long process and it’s almost like you are doing just one thing for two-three years. I am looking forward to acting in more projects. I want to tell my fans I will be seen more and more, there are times when I have been away for years and when I got back I was welcomed with warmth and love.

How did SBG 3 happen?
I was scheduled to meet Sanjay Singh Chauhan, who has written this film.I was meeting him as I wanted him to write something for me. During a casual conversation he informed that he was currently busy writing SBG 3. I don’t know whether he discussed with Tigmanshu or not but the next thing I know, I got a call from Tigmanshu seeking a meeting. I don’t know how I was looking that day but I distinctly remember him telling me agar tum aise dikhogi to tum Suhani ban sakti ho (If you look like this, you can play Suhani). I had asked whether people will remember Suhani’s character. Tigmanshu's only reply was that I should wait and see. The idea was to blend into this world as most of the characters are already established. He was so confident that he only told me to say the dialogues in the correct manner and leave the rest to him. He has got an eye on everything.

How was it romancing Sanjay Dutt?
OMG! it was a fan moment for me, I have seen so many films of Sanjay Dutt and seeing him was a fan moment for me, I shot a song with him and I was head over heels in awe with him.

So what’s next for you in terms of acting and producing?
More and more films as an actor, I want to do a comedy film as well as a hard core love story is what I am writing next.

Out of all the roles that you have portrayed which one are you close too?
I am a die hard romantic person in real life as well as a sucker for love stories, while I am most relatable to Geeta in real life.