Smita Tambe: Manoj Bajpayee is a brilliant actor


As debutant director Atanu Mukherjee’s suspense drama RUKH starring Manoj Bajpayee and Smita Tambe hits the silver screens today, we got in touch with its lead actress Smita Tambe who plays Manoj Bajpayee’s wife in the film. In an exclusive conversation with Glamsham, Smita shares about her experience of working with Manoj Bajpayee and what all went behind playing the role of Nandini in this film.

Smita Tambe in a still from RUKH Smita Tambe in a still from RUKH
Smita Tambe in a still from RUKH
Tell us about the role that you are playing in RUKH
In this film my character’s name is Nandini. I play Manoj Bajpayee’s wife and Adarsh Gourav’s mother in this film.

Can you give us a gist of what this film is all about?
After an unfortunate death of a person in a family many doubts start surfacing, relationships starts changing. And everyone like my character has many things to share but she is unable to do so. So all these doubts after a point start posing a serious questions so after that how all these doubts get cleared, how Dhruv (Adarsh) gets impacted by these events and how her relationship with her son changes with a suspense angle to the story is what this film is all about.

How did you come on board for this film?
I had done an international film called UMRIKA whose co-producer was Manish Mundra (owner of Drishyam Films). So when he had watched UMRIKA in Sundance in 2015 at that time itself he had texted me saying ‘I am doing one film and I want you to cast in it’. Later I met Atanu (Mukherjee-director of RUKH) and he gave me the script of his film. So I started reading it at 11 pm and finished it by 2:30 am and I was in US at that time and without even thinking about the time difference, I immediately called Manish and told him that I would be very happy to be a part of this film. I really appreciate the fact Manish sir showed such a faith in me as an actor. It feels great when as an actor you get work on the basis of your previous films.

So what all preparations went behind playing Nandini in RUKH?
There are lots of layers to my character Nandini. Having something in your heart but showing something through your expressions is very difficult because that’s not who I am as an individual so we did a lot of rehearsals and during that we explored many things like how exactly Nandini’s behaviour would be. I even had lot of sessions with Dhruv and later we chalked out how exactly Nandini would be.
How was the experience of working with Manoj Bajpayee?
Manoj sir is a fantastic co-star and a brilliant actor. So with this film it was a treat to get an opportunity see his process of acting very closely. The give and take between two actors is very important while working in a given project, so while working with Manoj ji there was a kind of ease. Also it’s very important that as an actor you complement each other so Kumud ji, Dhruv, Manoj ji all of them complimenting each other forms the highlight of the narrative.

One thing that you got to learn from Manoj Bajpayee
I just love his voice as when you close your eyes and listen to his dialogues even then you can feel the intensity of the scene, you don’t have to watch the scene. That’s a plus point of Manoj sir and something I like the most.

Give us two reasons why one should go and watch this film
The first reason is that the film revolves around family and it is something that matters a lot in any individual’s life. Also sometimes there happens some incidence which will make you rethink about your family and relationships and everyone is embroiled in such things, so I feel that everyone will be able to relate with RUKH in that regard. Secondly the suspense angle in the film is something will keep everyone curious. I will also give you a third reason that is this film is a production of Drishyam films, and its directed by Atanu Mukherjee and it has some really heart wrenching music given by Amit Trivedi which forms the highlight of this film.

What are your expectations from this film?
As an actor I want my film to reach the maximum number of people, is film ka jo audience hai atleast unn tak iss film ka pahunchna zaruri hai.

Post RUKH what’s next in pipeline?
Actually there are 2-3 films which I cannot reveal much about as I am yet to sign the contracts. There’s one Hindi film and then two Marathi films. Also there this South film which I am doing with JD Chakravarthy which is being simultaneously shot in four languages i.e. Kanada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. And I am playing a cop in that film.