Tirth Sharma: Zaira Wasim has anxiety issues


It’s been a week since Aamir Khan’s SECRET SUPERSTAR starring Zaira Wasim in the lead hit the silver screens and the film has been garnering rave reviews both by critics as well as the viewers alike. By now we all know a lot about Zaira but very little is known about her on-screen boyfriend Chintan played by Tirth Sharma. In an exclusive conversation with Glamsham, Tirth shares how he bagged this role and also how Zaira used to pull his leg all the time while shooting for this film. Read on…

Tirth Sharma(second from left)along with the cast of SECRET SUPERSTAR at its success bash Tirth Sharma(second from left)along with the cast of SECRET SUPERSTAR at its success bash
Tirth Sharma(second from left)along with the cast of SECRET SUPERSTAR at its success bash

Here are the excerpts:

How did you bag SECRET SUPERSTAR?
Actually, I auditioned for this role first time in Ambala and later I got selected.

Are you happy with the kind of response your film has been receiving?
Yes of course I am happy as this is my very first film so it’s a very big change in my life as well.

Did you always want to be an actor?
I never thought about it and I never wanted to be an actor but yeah now I am (smiles)

Were you nervous when you came to know that you will be working with Aamir and Zaira in this film?
Of course I was nervous; actually I didn’t believe it for a while. It was only when I got a call from the casting director Abhishek saying that I have been selected for the role that after few days it started to sink in that I will be actually working with these stars.

How was the experience of working with actors like Aamir Khan, Zaira and Meher Vij?
It was damn good and also very great experience because in my first film itself I got the opportunity to work with actors like Zaira, Meher Ma’am and then of course Aamir sir.

Did Aamir Khan ever give you any kind of advice or inputs while shooting?
Actually in the film there’s only the last scene where I share the frame with Aamir Khan, as in the major part of the film my scenes are only with Zaira. Since it was my first film and I was not familiar with the process of shooting so Zaira gave me few advices and then of course my director Advait sir helped me a lot. He took care of us the way people take care of small kids. So all thanks to him I had a very beautiful experience while working on this film.

In real life have you ever been in a situation where you sang the song ‘I’ll miss you’(romantic song) for someone?
(Smiles) No not really

What sort of preparations you did to play the character ‘Chintan’?
Chintan is a Gujju guy and even I am a Gujurati so I didn’t have to work so much on this character. But then of course I had to work in front of the camera for the first time, so I prepared myself mentally for that.

One thing that you learnt from Zaira while working on this film
Well there are so many things that I learnt from her but I will tell one very important thing that I learnt from her was that on sets she would always be in her character whereas I would be in my character only while giving the shot and post that I would be the normal person who would joke around and have fun. But Zaira would be in her character even after the scene has been shot. Her method really helps you actually be in the role when you are shooting. You have to be in that role for every single moment and not just in that specific scene.

One thing that you liked and disliked the most about Zaira
Well there are so many things that I like about her and there is as such nothing to dislike about her. But she has a habit to continuously move her leg, she has anxiety problem, so she would move her leg continuously and that was very annoying “agar aap uske baaju mein baith te ho woh puri hilti rehti hai kyunki who apne pair continuously hilati rehti hai.”

So she never bullied you on the sets?
Yeah she did that a lot. Like when I used to go to my vanity van saying that I forgot something, she would say that “Zaroor tu tera dimaag bhool gaya hoga.” She used to pull my leg all the time. And we really had fun and lot of masti while working for this film.

Now that film has released so are you people still in touch?
Yes of course we are in touch hum baat karte hai normally

What’s next after SECRET SUPERSTAR?
Well I haven’t signed any film yet but if any good script comes my way then I will definitely sign it.

Apart from this film being your first, what else are you going to cherish about this film the most?
I am going to remember the journey of my first film. Mujhe iss film ka ek ek moment abhi bhi yaad hai . And getting an opportunity to work with stars and great director in your very first film was unbelievable for me.