On the Indo-Pak border, a pakistani hen crosses over to the Indian side and lays an egg. As Harvinder Singh, a BSF jawan is about to pick it, a pakistani soldier challenges him, and says that since the hen is paki, the egg belongs to him. But Harvinder says that since the hen layed the egg on Indian territory, it belongs to him. As things get heated up a large crowd gathers on both sides, both claiming the egg.

Then Harvinder comes up with an idea. He tells all the Indians to line up on one side, and all the Pakis, on another. The rules of the game are that one person (say a Paki) on one side, kicks the person on the other side (an Indian). If the person who got the kick falls, and cannot get up, then he is out of the game. Then the second person in line (another Indian) is kicked. But if the person who receives the kick, gets up, then he gets a turn to kick the person who kicked him earlier. The game is continued till all the soldiers from any one side fall down and cannot get up. The other side being the winner can take the egg.

Both sides agree to the game and line up. Harvinder invites the leading Paki soldier to kick him first. But the strong Paki tells Harvinder to start the game himself and kick him. So Harvinder gives a strong kick to the Paki straight on his balls! The poor Paki faints and is out of the game. Then Harvinder gives an even stronger kick on the balls of the second Paki. He tries to get up, but in vain! He too faints. This continues till almost two dozen Pakis are nursing their balls. Then a big, strong, Pathan comes up from the Paki side. Harvinder gives him the strongest kick that would have made Maradona proud, aiming straight for his balls. The Pathan turns all blue, but somehow can manage to get up. A Hurrah echoes through the Pakistani camp, as the Pathan staggers to his feet and says, 'Its my turn now.'

Harvinder says, 'Its ok boss, you win! You can keep the egg.' and quietly hands over the egg to the Pathan.

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