A Solution to Run

Osama Bin Laden had a camel who had some disabilities to run fast. So it happened one day when Laden was passing the desert with his camel. He was in a mission and needed his camels's activeness.

Sometimes later Laden was passing by a platform where a board was put up. Written on the board was "Solutions for Travellers". There was also a man sitting by it. So Laden went to the man and told him about the problem. The man pointed him to the platform and asked him to order his camel to stand upon that. Laden did so. When the camel was standing still upon the platform, the man took two pieces of brick and hit it hard on the testes. The camel leaped high in the sky with a groan and ran as fast as a bolt of lightning. Laden was so impressed that he couldn't believe his eyes. It was such an amazement to him.

After some moment, Laden asked the man, 'now that you have made my camel run like that, how can I catch it?'

Then the man says, 'please stand on the platform'.

Contributed by - Avishek
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