Akbar suffered constipation..

At a time, when Akbar was given a bad time by Maharan Pratap Singh's valient army and Akbar was unable to do something to them. To make Pratap down he hanged a portrait of Maharana Pratap's outside his lavatory.

Birbal was passing.... suddenly he saw the picture. Shocked at Akbar for this mean act he thought of teaching him a lesson.

When Akbar was resting in his Harem with his Rani's, Suddenly, Birbal came... holding Akbar's pulse in his hand...

He asked ' Jahapanah ab aap ki tabiyat kaise hai?' ( How are you now ? )

Akbar said,' Kyon, mujhe kya hua? ' ( What happened to me ?)

Birbal: After seeing Maharana Pratap's portrait outside your lavatory, I thought, you probably suffer from constipation and seeing his picture helps you in clearing your motion !!!

And Badshaah was totally balled over :-)

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