Come in queue

There was a big funeral procession passing through. The scenario

was that there was a big Dog in front of the procession and he was having

so many garlands around his bulky neck. Then there was a smiling man and

he too was wearing garlands around his neck.Then there was the dead body

and thereafter rhere was a long queue of people walking silently.Seing

such a strange funeral procession a man was surprised and out of curiosity

he asked a man in the procession as to what this was all about.He was

politely asked to come in the queue behind. Surprised the man asked a

number of persons the reply was the same. FRustrated he caught hold of a

weak looking person and asked him in a harsh voice what it was all about

otherwise he will not let him remain in the queue. On being cornered the

thin man replied as under:-

The bulldog you see in front bit the wife of the man walking behind .

The dog is being honoured for he bit the wife and the man is happy because

he got rid of life partener and now he can go to the Mountains and have

samadhi. What about this long queue?

They want the dog for a day Can I get

this dog for a day O.K. please come

in the queue.

Contributed by - R.K.GUPTA
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