Gita aur Sweta

Ajit is brought to court on charges of rape.

A person comes with the sacred 'GITA' in hand and tells Ajit “GITA pe haath rakhke kasam lo ki jo juch kahoonga such kahoonga aur such ke siva kuch nahin kahoonga”.

Ajit is nervous. The person repeats again. Ajit is more nervous. At this point, Ajit's advocate comes in and tells Ajit slowly 'Sir, Geeta pe haath rakho'. Ajit is annoyed and slaps his lawyer.

Lawyer is perplexed 'mujhe kyon maaraa'.

Ajit : ' Saale, Seeta pe haath rakha to court mein aanaa padaa, ab Geeta pe haath rakhke poora hi marvayega kya'

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