New Jaguar Car

A very excited Lawyer pulls up in a brand new Jaguar and parks

outside on the road, close by his place of work. He takes the car to


it off to all his colleagues. He opens the door when suddenly a big


drives by and rips off the car door. The Lawyer starts screaming and

raving at what had happened to his new car and calls 911. The police

arrive on the scene ten minutes later. After minutes of shouting and

ranting/raving about the car he finally calms down. The police man


"You Lawyers never think about people only materialistic things like


and are selfish, did you not realise that when that truck hit your


dorr, it also ripped your arm off from the elbow down". The Lawyer


shouts out, "Shit, my Rolex".

Contributed by - Qasim Rasul
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