Microwave or T.V. ??

Once a Blonde goes to a electronics store & goes to a salesman .Pointing out to a microwave she asks,"how much does it cost?".The man says that they do not sell it to blondes.The blonde gets angry & walks out of the shop.

The nxt day she cums again & asks the same question abt the microwave.But the man der says it is not 4 sale 2 blondes.The blonde again goes home agressive.

The blonde does plastic surgery,has a make-over,etc.She cannot recognise her ownself !!After a whole month she thinks the salesman in da store will hav to sell the microwave to her.She goes 2 d shop & asks d man how much does it cost? The man still refuses 2 sell it 2 her.The blonde ask the man ,"How do you know dat im a blonde? & y r u not selling me dat microwave??"

The man replies,"ma'am i cannot sell it 2 u b'cus it is not a microwave but a T.V. Set."

Contributed by - Amanda
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