Hell, or heaven

Three men, a lawyer, dentist, and psychiatrist died!

They went to the middle of Heaven and hell and didn't know where to go.

The lawyer asked the person by the gates of Heaven. He said, "You were too mean to the guilty heaven. So, go to hell."

Dentist came to the gate, nad the man said, "You were mean to all the people who lost their tooth. So you also go to hell."

Psychiatrist came, and the man said, "You were mean to your wife and kids. So you too, go to hell."

As the psychiatrist was walking to the gates of Hell, the man at the gate said, "Wait! Hold on! Come here for a second!" So the psychiatrist went to the man, who said, "Well, you see, we need you after all. You see, we have a problem. God thinks he's George W. Bush."

Contributed by - Soumini
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