Sardarji & Rocket

Once USA launched a new rocket but suddenly at the

time of

take-off, some problem occured and it got off.All the crew

members were

disappointed because after all of their efforts, they could

not find out

the problem with the rocket. So theycided to arrange World


Conference of all the Scientists from all over the world to

analyse whats

the problem.

>From India, Sardar JeetendraSingh went to attend the

meeting.In the

conference all the scientists tried their minds, but no one

could find

out the error. Finally, it was Jeetu paji's turn. He went

near the Rocket

,watched it carefully from all the corners and then asked to

move it

downwards by 45 angles and then said to start the rocket.

Surprisingly, the rocket got on and took-off.

All the scientists were astonished by the cleverness of

Jeetu paji and

asked him that how could he understand the error while all

the other

failed to do so. Jeetu paji said with smiling face "O

ji,Very simple.

pehle mere pass ek Bajaj Chetak Scooter thi. Jab bhi woh

start nahi hoti

to main use 45 angle main jhukata aur kick marta aur woh

start ho jati."

Contributed by - Irfan
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