How much longer?

A young guy with long hair goes into a town's busy barber shop and asks the head barber, 'How much longer before you can give me a haircut?'

The barber looks around and says, 'At least two hours!'

The guy quickly leaves, but comes back the next day at the same time.

And again asks, "How much time will it take for my chance for a haircut?' Again, the busy head barber replies, "Not for at least two hours!'. The guy leaves and heads off down the street in a hurry.

The very next day the again comes and asks, 'Haircut?'

Helping the guy out, the barber says, 'An hour and a half!' The guy runs out the door and down the street. The barber watches and tells a friend to follow him and to find out where exactly he goes.

A little later the friend comes back, chuckling to himself.

'Well?' asks the barber. 'Where does he run off to after I tell him how long it's going to take before I can cut his hair?'

'Your house!' replies the friend.

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