Utpal Dutt in Rang Birangi

How about the movie : RANG BIRANGI

I happen remember just one Utpal Dutt dialogue off hand.

In the movie, Utpal Dutt starred as a police officer who didnot like Films...

Once on the telephone:

Utpal Dutt: Kya? School ki diwar par filmon ke poster....

........... Sare ke sare phaad do!

[** What? Movie posters on the school walls.... TAIR THEM ALL**]

[After a pause......]

Kya? Poster itni achhi tareh chipke hain ke utaare

nahin jaa sakte.... ACHHA! TO DIWAR HEE GIRA DO!

[** What?... Posters are glued in a way that they

can not be removed? OK THEN BREAK THE WALL **]

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