Computer in a Floppy


one customer called and said that he wants to

do a full factory restore,which means he wants to use the QR

cd,that is

the Quick Restore cd,which will delete everything in the

harddrive and

install all the preinstalled software only.

I told him that all the data will be lost and he need to

take a backup.

He said that he had already taken backup and he is aware of

it.I helped

him to use the QR cd and told him that i will call him

after an hours

time to check if the system is working fine.

After an hour,i called him.

He said that he had got the preinstalled software and now

he wants to copy the backup files back to his system

I asked him where are the backup files ? He said that he has

taken all the

backup of my computer and said that he have them in the


i was confused,i was probing as what he had done.

He said that he had copied the whole my computer in the

floppy.I dint


i asked to insert the floppy to check..

when i opened the floppy there was a icon and it was a

shortcut icon for

my computer !!!!!!!!!

He said he doesnt wanted to miss he had saved

the entire my


Contributed by - Sridhar
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