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Lie Machine

A lie machine is bought.It works in the following way.....

If the truth is told- the machine wont give any sound If a lie is told- the machine will give a sound 'TNAAAAA...'

Now there are three Indians.One Bengali,one Madrasi and one Sardarji.Their

correspondences are given infront of the lie machine.Here it goes......

Bengali:- 'I think I can eat 30 rosogullas at a time!'

Lie machine:-'TNAAAAA...'

Bengali:-'No no, I think I can eat 10 rosogullas at a time'

Lie machine:- no sound(truth is told)

Madrasi:-'I think i can eat 25 dosas at a time'

Lie machine:-'TNAAA...'

Madrasi:-'No no,I think i can eat 10 dosas at a time'

Lie machine:-no sound(truth)

Sardarji:-'I think....'

Lie machine:- 'TNAAAAAA.....'

Sardarji:-'I think...'

Lie machine:-'TNAAAAAAA......'

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