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Mogambo khush hua
Indian God marta hai ... aur hasta bhi hai
Gayi bhains pani mein
Calendar khana lao! ... Calendar khana lao!
Aaj tak tum log baimaani aur zulm ka bazaar garam karte rahe ... magar ab tumhare zulm aur paap ke pyale chalak uthe hai ... ab tumhare ek ek jurm ka hisaab liya jayega

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     ▪  At the end when Anil Kapoor pushes the lever back to its position, the missiles were supposed to blast at that place itself. The place starts getting shocks of earthquakes and the building starts collasping. Large bricks wall down and all the soldiers of Mugambo get bricks falling on their head but in the whole lot of children including Anil and Sridevi escape without even a stone being touch. The children dont have even a small scartch in their body.
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