Movie Name: Dhoom 2
Blooper: What happened to Shonali and then wat happened to the pregnant wife, did she have her baby??

Movie Name: Dhoom2
Blooper: During the motorcycle chase scene in the the beginning of one end of the tunnel, there is a huge helicopter where Abi and Uday ride their motorcycles out onto a ramp that is attached to the side of the helicopter. When they get to the end of the tunnel, they come up to the same huge helicopter with the ramp still stuck to the side of the helicopter. It doesn't look like the helicopter ever moved (which it couldn't anyway if the the door was still wide open with a ramp attached to the side of it. Also, it's not like they turned the chase around back to the beginning of the tunnel. Funny....
After Hrithik steals the diamond by using a remote controlled car he is shown acting like a white sculpture figure then in just a matter of seconds he is shown as a working oldman. how come he can escape from that place and change his appearance when there is such a tight security??? i think he got the powers of kkrish at that time? isn't it?
After Hrithik escapes from the museum stealing the diamond, he gets into a manhole and comes out flying from a other manhole like there was something which can push him such a height? or he is a better high jumper than anyother person in this world wothout any equipments?
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