When Salman starts the song he is not wearing anything under his jacket. So how come in the first verse of song he has a white t-shirt.

When Salman and Karishma were left and they were looking for a ride, Salman takes off with his clothes on when Karishma tries to hitchhike and then he comes back with his shirt off, for no reason, to save Karishma.

When Karishma lands in Switzerland, Deepak Tijori slips diamonds worth seven crores in her white purse. Later in the movie when he catches up with her and questions her about the diamonds she say her purse was snatched. So how come the purse which was natched was black in color.

When Karishma lands at her house, she leaves the baggage outside the door. So how come she leads her uncles inside to show the gifts she has brought them.

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