Blooper # 1 :- Mukesh Rishi brings 500 tonnes of RDX to blow up whole
Mumbai. Yet when Arbaaz khan blows up the lot, it does not even blow off
Arbaaz who is less than 5 ft. from the RDX........Adulterated RDX??????Blooper # 2 :- Mukesh Rishi lays a trap for arbaaz khan & his friends & yet
lays the trap at the place where the RDX is stored. Does he not know that
even a small spark can blow off the RDX ....& Mukesh Rishi made arrangements
for Heavy gunfire there......Such a dumb terrorist

Blooper # 3: Throughtout the Movie, Mukesh Rishi keeps boasting that he
rules the whole Mumbai city sitting in Dubai. Then when he gives 60 crore to
Govind namdeo for elections,he rants that he will squeeze every mumbaite to
recover that money. Then why does he want to blow off Mumbai city when it
will make a dent into his income!!!!!!!!!
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