In the climax when the flashbacks are being shown, Lucky Ali is shown activating the alarm which causes the police to arrive at the scene of the crime. But how was that possible when Kumar Gaurav and Amitabh Bachchan had disabled the alarm? Also, how come the cops were waiting outside? Why didn’t they enter the bank and stop the robbery or warn the robbers that the police has arrived? Were they waiting for the robbery to be completed first, before taking any action? \
when amitabh send akshay and arjun to get a doctor a few seconds later he threatens to kill paresh. at this point akshay senses danger and they head back but in the amount of time it took them not only did paresh die but amitabh and sushmita have a reasonably long conversation who then also dies. how far did they get within a few seconds. couldn't akshay's sixth sense guide them back quicker.
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