In the beginning of the film Salman Khan's name was Prem Kumar. So how come and at the end it was Prem Kapoor

In the film if prem is poor how come him and family and friends can suddenly afford to fly in first class?The morning of the the cheer up party for salman khan, salman khan had no sign of facial hair on his chin, but only about 6 hours later he had grown a beard and a mustache...

Salman gives rani a cuuuuutteeeeeee dog to replace rocky. Whatever happened to it??

Salman and the party go after Rani in a 4 engined Boeing 747, So how come the plane magically transforms into a twin engine Airbus A300!! Rani and her husband are in one plane and Salman catches a plane that has a departure time thrity minutes later than Rani's. So how come, at the end, all of them end up in the same plane.
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