When Kajol and Shahrukh are on the stage before the song 'Koi Mil Gaya', the students throw junk at them. So how come when Rani appears on the stage, the stage is all clean and sparkling.

We all know that Shah Rukh hasn't seen Kajol for 10 years since she left St. Xavier's College right? So the College scenes had to take place during the late 80's. Well can someone tell me WHY are the outfits that the actors and students are wearing seem so 90's? Fubu, DKNY, GAP? Since when did people wear windbreakers back then?

In the movie, Anjali gives Tina her Lal Dupatta before she leaves for home. Then how come Salman Khan had it wrapped around his neck in the song 'Sajanji Ghar Ayai'. At Kajol’s ‘summer’ holiday camp she has her fireplace lit, while watching Shahrukh on TV.

During a dance sequence Archana Puran Singh throws her shoe at the audience. So how come in the next scene she is wearing high heeled shoes.Sharukh Khan returns Kajol’s dupatta at the summer camp. How did he know she would be at the same camp?While Kajol is talking to Rani she reminds Shahrukh that he’s late for his usual vist to his folks. He runs off leving them behind. So how come on reaching the temple Rani is already there.How come Shahrukh cannot recognise his own daughters voice on the telephone, or Salman his fiancees?

During the song Raghupati raghav Shahrukh is entering the train leaving for Shimla. So how come at the end of the song he has reached his destination?

So how come at the inter-collegiate competion Rani is playing an UNPLUGGED electric guitar? Rani leaves eight letters for her child to read at every birthday. So how come she expects her child to read and write on her FIRST birthday?

When Kajol is leaving college she tells Shahrukh that she is leaving because her father is not feeling well. So how come throughout the whole movie her father is not seen or heard of.
When in the first few scenes, Rani is shown dying, she's wearing the friendship bracelet that SRK gave her in her college days...uh...she must really love it then but hang on! The bracelet shows no sign of wear-n-tear! Amazing!

In the song "Saajanji Ghar Aaye", when the little Anjali steps off the train, she is seen wearing the same thing that Kajol wore when she left SRK...hhmm...a few problems there...a) she only read a letter that Rani wrote for her...did Rani write what everyone was wearing as well?? b) wouldn't a parent see that their child was well and off the train before they moved on? c) Anjali must have changed really quick for her dad to not to see what she was wearing until at exactly the right moment!

The letter that Rani wrote for Anjali's 8th birthday seemed like it was only 2-3 pages, and Anjali read the 1st page pretty damn fast...so only a couple of sentences were written on that page...so how is it possible for Rani to write the whole story in just 2-3 pages?? And how would Rani know about little things that happened between SRK and Kajol? I don't think that he sat down with her and told her each and every thing...hhmm....
Rani Mukherjee in her 8th letter which is after 8-9 years later rani and shahrukh wedding tells her daughter to do....what a bollywood blooper how she know that kajol will not marry till this 8-9 years...this is realy a bogus!!

shahrukh says her daughter that if i can be your father and mother both than why cannot u are my daughter and wife both ? now this is really a fantoo! isn't it ? there is miles of
distance between a daughter and a wife!! how bollywood super director forget it ?
In this film SRK says that "hum pyar sirf ek bar karte hain aur shadi bhi ek hi bar" then how come he fell in love with kajol?
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