In the movie MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE,They have shown that Rani Mukherjee's parents are Hindus and they keep praying in the temple,then why the hell does Rani Mukherjee go to a church to pray? Is she against her Parents' ?
In the movie Hrithik & Rani send mails to each other everyday.
One day hrithik sends a tune which he sings every time he visits the church. How can he send a tune to rani thru e-mail.(absurd na????)
In the film all of them decided to email from pooja computers,
so they email each other. Affter 20 years they meet each other as shown in film and time shown at that time was 2002, that means when they email each other that time was 1984 .how it is possible?- internet explorer was not launched- Window 98,95 me was not introduced- microprocessor was only 386 and older.
Hrithik Roshan smells Rani Mukherjee's "gobi ka partha" from his air-conditioned office, although she is outside. How can he smell food from so far away, and especially when his air condition is on full blast?

Rani Mukherjee goes to London for an interview at "London University". But there is no such university in London with such a name, so where did she go then?
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