The Hurricane has affected the small town of Georgia. Shahrukh Khan sees this news on TV and reaches there to support his friends.

Surprisingly, He reaches there and after a few days his other Jimmy Shergill and others also reach there to help SRK build the small town.

However, during these days there not a single US Government official (Police, Military etc) reached the town to help the locals. The US Government is well known for the prompt support system. We have seen this quite a few times in movies and also during the recent Hurricane.

How can a Director like Karan Johar not take this into account and afford to make such a blunder.

After being stabbed, Shahrukh Khan is hospitalized. He recovers and obviously he would have recovered after a few days. During these days he would have grown some beard on his face. However when he recovers he's shown clean shaved and groomed.
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