When they are practicing on the first day for the documentary, when Aslam says "Yeh line to Sukhi ki honi chahiye" - on Azadi ki dulhan, at that time Aamir Khan is removing his gloves... right after that (and it is shown as continuous scene) that he is wearing gloves when he sings "Sue kar mere man ko" In the same scene... when they are talking about Sukhi and his hiccup, karan throws his cigrette, and then they change focus to sue and come back to dj, kunal and karan is smoking and again throws cigrette - 1 cigerette in just 30 seconds?
When Amir khan and freinds enter the All India radio building towards the end of the movie and goto meet Cyrus - the Radio Jockey, and force the people to exit the building, the shot cuts back to the waiting room which has now been emptied. The guards rifle is shown in the dustbin, in the next scene the rifle is back into the hands of the character "laxman". and then in the next waiting room scene everybody is shown throwing their rifles into the bin.
Well in the movie Rang De Basanti, in the scene where the whole group is at the bar. One of Dj's (Aamir Khan's) friends, Aslam (Kunal Kapoor) is drinking 7-Up but in the next scene when the camera closes up he is drinking Sprite. Weird Right?
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