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Antara Madhuri Banna Chahti Hai

By Kshama Rao

It's a long day for Antara Mali. Back to back interviews have been lined up for the petite actress and all she has to do is reel off the virtues of her latest release, the Ramgopal Varma production Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon. She was last seen in Varma's Company and Road. So doesn't she get bored to do the same q and a. "No, simply because even if the questions are same, the people asking them are different. Every journalist has his or her own way, own style of asking things and interpreting them, so it's a nice give and take. And then we actors are so used to living in our own world that situations like these give us an opportunity to meet people outside it."

Interestingly, Antara doesn't relate to Chutki, her character in the film, at all. "Her background, her lifestyle is different from mine. The only thing common between us is the quality of aspiring to become someone." And though Chutki desperately wants to make it like her idol, Madhuri Dixit, Antara entered films only because she wanted to create "my own space. I always knew I could never become a formula actress so naturally I had to bide my time."

Antara is clear about the fact that the film is not "spooking Madhuri Dixit. It was exhausting trying to impersonate someone like her. I had to be very careful because one wrong move and the character would have ended up like a caricature. When you play a character, you should instinctively know whether it's working or not."

Main Madhuri… is naturally a high point in Antara's career as she says, "There are so many memories associated with it. Shooting for it was like a continuous high. There is nothing like it was easy or difficult playing that character. If I look at it as easy, everything went off smoothly and if I perceive it as a difficult role, then I had a tough time living Chutki."

Daughter of lensman Jagdish Mali, Antara says one of the reasons she chose to be acting in films is "because I like the moving camera more."

Next on cards is Varma's Gaayab "with Tusshar Kapoor."

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