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Interview with Prachi Desai : Ekta was quite happy and she has always encouraged me to move ahead in life.

"Ekta was quite happy and she has always encouraged me to move ahead in life. "

Prachi deasiHow does it feel when you're being called Ekta's baby?
I think Balaji is the best production house that I am associated with. I am in love with it as it was a place where I first time worked as an actor at the age of 16. 

How did 'Kasamh Se' happen?
I was always passionate about acting and wanted to be an actor. Finally in Class 12 I gave an audition in Pune. The best part was that I did not give auditions for 'Kasamh Se', but for some other show of Balaji, which was based on teenagers. Bu they selected me for 'Kasamh Se' lead Bani. That is how I became 'Bani'. 

There is a speculation that you are leaving Kasamh Se. Is it true? 
I am not totally leaving Kasamh Se but I plan to do a movie in February. I won't be able to work for Kasamh Se till the time the movie is not out, so it will be a partial leave. 

So you basically plan to join Kasamh Se after your movie gets released? 
Television has always been my first love. I am ready to work in Kasamh Se once I am back after shooting for a movie but I don't know how much can the serial wait for me. I am trying my best to make as much bank as possible before I go for shooting the movie.

Would you be ok if Bani is replaced in the serial?
I fell that I have become Bani and I am very possessive about the character. I am so much into the character that I react more to Bani than to Prachi. So, I wouldn't want anyone to replace me, but yes if audience can accept a change then it's a different thing. 

Tell me something about the forthcoming movie? Is it a Balaji Production? 
No, It's not a Balaji production. It is Excel Entertainment. It's Farhan Akhtar's production house, and here Farhan will be not directing. He is an actor in the film. It will be his acting debut. The movie is called ROCK ON.

What was Ekta's reaction when you said 'I will be doing a movie'? 
Ekta was quite happy and she has always encouraged me to move ahead in life. 

Is there a farewell party planned for you? 
(Laughing) Nothing like this is planned as I don't see it as farewell. I wish to come back and work once again.

How did you feel when you won the title of Jhalak Diklaja and everyone giving a credit of your winning to Ekta Kapoor?
Initially when I got the response from the audience they were amazed that a bahu can dance and got a lot of credit, but when I won I did not see the same. Today the fact is that audience has accepted me and by God's grace in this competitive industry rumours did not affect me or my work.

What more do you wish for? 
I have got a fabulous response for Bani in Kasamh Se and Jhalak Diklaja also has done wonders for me. So after trying my hands on daily soap and reality show, I hope for audience acceptance in big screen.

What about your education?
I am in my first year of BA in Mithibai College. I had planned to attend college everyday but then Jhalak happened and I had to rehearse everyday. So I ended up not going to college. Now since I am busy with shoots of Kasamh Se and then a movie, I plan to do a correspondence course.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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