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Interview with Ashutosh Gowariker : Priyanka is one of the finest actors today.

"Priyanka is one of the finest actors today."



His films speak for him. After LAGAAN, SWADES and JODHAA AKBAR, ace director Ashutosh Gowariker came up with WHAT'S YOUR RAASHEE? The director spoke to our correspondent.

This film comes more than a year-and-half after JODHAA AKBAR.
I always take my time to make a film. There is so much that needs to be done and since I am actively involved into the project it is bound to take some time. I prefer to get into the minutest detailing to make the product look as good as possible.

In fact you made WHAT'S YOUR RAASHEE? in a start-to-finish schedule.
That is because after the initial things were sorted out the film didn't take much long. The story is simple but told in a very interesting way, which makes all the difference. I spent a lot of time on the script.

"Priyanka is one of the finest actors today."

You earlier films had very intense subjects and serious stories. Why a romantic comedy?

This is one reason why I was taking my time. I wanted to make a romantic comedy, a very lighthearted film but I knew it wouldn't have been that easy for me. So this time I opted for a story, which was already ready. WHAT'S is based on a famous novel by Madhu Rye called Kimball Ravenswood. I liked it and took Madhu's permission and did all the things necessary. I even told her that since it's a film, I might need to make a few changes and she was okay with it.

The story is about marriage but very out of the ordinary?
It's a fun film... where every moment is enjoyable. It's very light hearted and the story is very interesting. It's the story of a boy, played by Harman (Baweja), who believes in the traditional India way of getting married. So when he comes back from US after completing his studies, he is suddenly encountered with a situation where he has to marry within the next few days. So he decides to choose 12 girls, representing one raashee each and then goes on selecting his bride. The encounter with each of these girls is the most interesting part of the film and that's how the story moves forward.

But why did you decide on Priyanka Chopra playing all the 12 girls from different raashees?
That's the most interesting part of the entire film. (Smiles). See Priyanka is one of the finest actors today and she has done her job perfectly. It wasn't easy but she came out with a great performance. The entire idea was to make the story interesting. At the end Harman marries one of these 12 girls, which also keeps the thrill element intact. Had there been 12 different faces the end wouldn't have been interesting.

download WHATS YOUR RAASHEE wallpapers

download WHATS YOUR RAASHEE wallpapers

Okay but what was the reason behind choosing Harman since his debut film didn't work.
It very sad that both LOVE STORY 2050 and VICTORY didn't work but that has nothing to do with my film. I was in any case impressed with him the moment I watched LOVE STORY 2050. He is a good actor, understands films and long before even VICTORY released, he was on board. Even when VICTORY didn't work I thought for once that if I have taken the right decision but both my wife Sunita and I, including UTV, we were pretty sure about casting Harman and we went ahead

Your film also has 13 songs. Was this a conscious decision?
Of course... because we wanted these songs just to express the emotions of the girl representing each rashi. It has really come out well.

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You next film KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SE is again a historical?
Yes and it is again going to take sometime, as a lot of detailing needs to be done. I was always intrigued to know more about a person and freedom fighter like Surya Sen and his struggle towards freedom. I am still developing the script. Let's see what comes out.

It's based on the Chittagong uprising?
The film is based on a Maninee Chatterjee's book 'Do and Die - Chittagong Uprising'.

You have approached Abhishek Bachchan for the role?
It's going to be a very important role for him. In fact he was really very interested once he heard the idea and the story. But there's still a long way to go.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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