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Interview : Dia Mirza

'LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI is a blessed up film'

The beautiful Bollywood actress Dia Mirza alongwith her best pal Zayed Khan and beau Sahil Sangha dons the hat of a producer with her upcoming film LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI. Being on a producer's chair is no small deal and not everyone's cup of tea; however our pretty actress finds it quite humbling and lived every moment of it. Recently we caught up with the very gracious and sanguine Dia Mirza. Here are the excerpts of the interview.


What is LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI all about?
LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI is about young, dynamic, urban India discovering the different dynamics of life - careers, identity, etc in the wake of which relationships tend to suffer. It's about discovering one's priorities in life. It is about understanding what you look for in a relationship and what love can do to you. Further there is also an age-old adage that opposites attract but in today's relationships context it doesn't happen so. Life is complicated.

'Producing is not easy'

LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI unravels the many facets of love, through the lives of friends who find themselves at different cross-roads.

10 years ago the understanding, the perception towards love was different. However, today the priorities have shifted. There are so many other things which are driving our lives, influencing us.


What's your role in LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI?
I play Naina, an independent, free spirited photographer, whose life seems to have found the perfect balance. She is a great support and a committed person.

What made you take up production while you're still active on acting front?
Somewhere it was the desire, the attachment towards the script to see it taking a form of a film at personal level. We wanted to see it happen right in front of us and that's what led us (Me, Zayed and Sahil) to set a production house Born Free Entertainment.

How difficult was it to act as well as handle the production side of the film?

'It was quite humbling being a producer'

You know when you approach as an actor things are quite simplified but producing is not easy. It has to be fundamentally pre-planned and executed systematically.

What all challenges you faced/are facing as a producer?
Well it was all fun, challenging. I really enjoyed every moment of it. It doesn't become taxing till you step in the marketing and promotion of a film. It's really a taxing job. This is the only time I felt too much to do and stressed out in my journey of a producer.

Share us your experience being on the other side of the table i.e. Producer?
I don't believe in hierarchy. Where everyone is approachable only that system is works best. Though it feels powerful at the same time it was a very humbling experience as a producer. Being a producer you get to interact directly with so many people than being an actor. Your lightman problem becomes your problem. I always had a great respect for technicians. And honestly if you are sensitive and receptive you will definitely appreciate.

Since LBZ is your debut film as a producer you are getting butterflies in your stomach?
The truth is I don't have time. I am happy with what I have done and quite confident about it. I can't kill myself thinking whether people will like it or not. The only thing which is making me anxious right now is the marketing part of film. Otherwise the film makes me smile.

You are new into production plus your film has fresh lot of actors. Under such scenario how was it leading a fresh team?
You know the biggest challenge is to make see your team the same picture, propelling them in one direction. A lot of follow up and encouragement goes in which offers them clarity. When there is clarity in communication there is no room for confusion.

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What is something special about LBZ that will pull the audiences to theater?Your expectations with the film?
You can only hope for the best. We feel blessed the people that we hired worked on the project with sheer dedication and gave their hearts to it. LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI is a blessed up film, a decent credible film. I am absolutely proud of the film. I have almost handled it like my baby. We have made a sincere effort. The theme is true to the film that give you sense of the film. Audience is not fooled. We have kept it as natural as possible.

As an actress you didn't get your dues enough so you think you'll reap it being a producer?

'Zayed and I never had creative differences'

See the reason hasn't been to prove right or wrong. We are here with all our hearts. If I gain something out of it is good but my ulterior motive is not that.

But do you think LBZ will resurrect your career or give a new kick to it?
I never regretted in my life.....I didn't die in fact I always continued with some or other work. I have done so many endorsements and good projects which only earned me respect and credibility.


How helpful was Zayed in production? You guys ever had creative differences?
Oh! He is rock solid, he gave his 100%. He is the force behind be it as an actor or co-producer he has always been there. We never had creative differences. Whenever I exhausted myself too much or was too active even for the minor issues Zayed used to scold me 'Stop worrying about it'. The fun is there is no ego clash between us. We care for each other.

Tell us something about your beau and partner, Sahil Sangha?
Well he is the calmest person around, never aggressive. His priority is to get the job done.

Your relationship bloom while working on this project?
We knew each other long before this project came into existence. We were seeing each other from quite some time but never revealed about it. However our family members and close pals

'There is no ego clash between me and Zayed'

did know about it. It's about being professional. We always focused on the making of the film. There was not slightest of the hint in the air that we are carrying on. Our priority has always been work and we are not going to town displaying about our relationship. In fact right from day one media chose to speak about our relation. Media is more concern about us.

Is marriage on cards?
We do intend to get married soon but haven't discussed or planned anything.

The special memories attached with LBZ you would love to cherish?
Well actually there are too many. Because of the large cast there have been enough unforgettable moments. The entire team of LBZ had a great time doing workshop with Barry John. We bonded big time, played games, danced, partied hard, etc. The entire team had a blast.
When Cyrus Sahukar, one of the actors in LBZ, is around its all fun. He is funny and witty. He was the one who kept us on our toes

What do these three words LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI mean in your life?
They are all 3 inevitable and part of our existence. Love is one universal feeling that binds everyone. We live to love. Breakup is end of something along. Zindagi is living upto the fullest.

What's next after LBZ?
As of now it's only LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI. There are lots of other projects but after LBZ releases I will take the much needed break. I am going on a holiday. I have worked very hard and slogged for LBZ.

- Rachana, Glamsham Editorial

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