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Interview : Emraan Hashmi

view EMRAAN, NEHA and ARJAN PROMOTE CROOK in KOLKATA picture gallery

CROOK in KOLKATA picture gallery

Actor Emraan Hashmi was in Kolkata to promote his upcoming film CROOK- IT'S GOOD TO BE BAD on Sunday. Our correspondent catches up with the serial kisser during his breezy visit.

Tell something us about your upcoming film CROOK?
CROOK is a film based on racial discrimination with the Indians abroad. We have done a lot of research in Australia before filming. But, let me clarify, it is not any kind of documentary; it is a hardcore commercial masala flick.

What about the character Jai you played?
Jai has a knack of getting into trouble and the story revolves around his life. My character in CROOK is one of the best characters created in recent times. I am

'My films are not for my family.'

sure my character in this film will reach out to every heart.

It is seen that music holds a really strong base in your films. Do Emraan Hashmi indulge himself in selecting music, prior to choosing films?
No, it's never like that. I never choose a film based on its music. Selection of songs and music completely depends on the music director. But, what I know is that, the songs were or are created in relevance with the plot of the films. Hence, the songs have placed themselves with the ease of the films. Same goes with CROOK. The music is great. There is a variety in every track, a lot of Punjabi and romantic numbers are in it. I am sure, the people will love them.

Share your experience of shooting in Australia?
We were in Australia for over a month. Indians and locals were very welcoming; they gave their full support to the cast and crew. But an unfortunate incident took place. Though we got everything legally cleared beforehand, we were not allowed to shoot for the last three days. So, we returned to Mumbai and shot that part in
the city.

view CROOK videos

view CROOK videos

Why were you not allowed to shoot?
I really don't know the exact reasons; it's a matter concerned with the production house and the production people dealt with it.

How is it working opposite a newcomer?
Neha (Sharma) is very beautiful. Apart from that, she turned up to be a very good and bright actress. She was always perfect in her performance.

Now-a-days every actor is experimenting with their looks. But we don't see much of that in you?
Yes, many actors are changing their style and look. But I prefer to play different characters in every films than changing my looks in every film.

As you are a father now, do you think that the serial kisser image might harm your personal life?
Not at all, my bold image is just a part of my job. There is nothing in my hands. It all depends on the script and the directors...what they want from me. I do films to sustain my family; they know that it is my profession. My films are not for my films are for the audience and they are the matter of concern.

- Gourav Mukherjee, IBNS, Bollywood Trade News Network

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