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Interview with Mohit Suri : Sharing a name with one of the biggest successes in Indian film history in the genre RAAZ

"Sharing a name with one of the biggest successes in Indian film history in the genre RAAZ"



Mohit Suri directed 'RAAZ -THE MYSTERY CONTINUES' is one of the most anticipated projects in the film industry. Sharing a name with one of the biggest successes in Indian film history in the genre RAAZ, also a Vishesh Films Production, and the colossal success of the banner's last film JANNAT, the movie has justifiably generated much interest and its fair share of controversy. Starring Bhatt camp's blue eyed boy Emraan Hashmi with Kangana Ranaut in the female lead and introducing Adhyayan Suman, the film is set to release on January 23, 2009. We met the acclaimed director on location a couple of days after the movie's first theatrical trailer released across cinemas in India.  

How have people responded to the first theatrical trailer?
You tell me! (laughs). No seriously, we've had an amazing response. People have been messaging and calling me all through these holidays and also everyone in the cast has received all this feedback saying how much they liked the trailer and how they can't wait to see the movie and when is it releasing. It's really gratifying. 

Is it true that Mahesh Bhatt and you had a fight about the trailer?
Not a fight (smiles), but yes, there were really strong creative differences. I wanted a trailer without any dialogue, where the visual and musical impact would be the focus. Mr. Bhatt felt there needed to be some dialogue. I had to really fight to get my way on this one. There was a lot of heat!

So is he still mad at you?
A: No, because the trailer really worked. And I think he also liked the final product before it went on screen. From the responses of audiences it's obvious that it's had a fantastic impact, the best I could imagine, and that's what really matters. Also we thought the timing was perfect - because around Diwali day - the epitome of light, there was the Kali Chaudas holiday on one side - which is considered the blackest of all nights and Halloween on the other, another superbly horrifying night. It's a nice imagery for a horror film...finding the light within the surrounding darkness.

It's not a sequel to the original RAAZ though?
It's certainly not a sequel in the traditional sense, in that, there is no continuity in story line, no 'jumping off point' from the last movie nor is there cast or character continuity. It is in the same genre as RAAZ and a Vishesh films production, but it's a totally fresh story, and a fresh approach.

Why a horror film?
Horror is a genre that I believe has not been explored to its fullest potential in India. Somehow you always feel it's on the back foot in the Indian film industry. I love the genre. In fact both Emraan (Hashmi) and I grew up watching horror films, and it's been our dream to make a really good Indian horror film. I'm thrilled we're finally getting to do this.

Well, thank you for talking to us. All the best for your film. We're looking forward to it.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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