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Interview with Sharman Joshi : A Bollywood actor need not be politically correct

"A Bollywood actor need not be politically correct"



Sharman Joshi is fun; perhaps he believes a Bollywood actor need not be politically correct...always. Our correspondent gets into a rapid fire on fashion with the actor before he showstops a Chivas Studio fashion show in Kolkata

What's style for you?
Style for me is being myself; being at peace with yourself; being comfortable in what you wear.

And fashion?
Pretty much in the same lines.

One word that describes your ramp walk at Chivas Studio?

What's your daily wear?
I don't follow any trends in that sense. Jeans, a T-shirt is generally what I wear. That's my favourite outfit. But then, I respect the occasion and the people associated with it and dress accordingly. If it's a formal occasion, I don't try to

'Women look best in two-piece bikini'

be outlandish and then make a style statement...I don't like to do that. If it's someone's wedding reception, I would like to dress up appropriately. I think that's very stylish to dress up outlandish at a wedding reception. Going to a wedding in a pair of toned jeans and 'ganji' is not style.

Do you like accessories?
I am not an accessory chap. Watches, chains...I think that's not my scene.

What are the 5 must-haves in your wardrobe?
Hanger, a drawer, jeans, T-shirts, underwears

What does a man look best in?
I can't look at a man like that! (Smiles) You have to tell me what do you think a man looks best in...

Tell us about women then...
Women (sighs)! a two-piece bikini.



Who are your favourite designers?
I wear clothes of Arjun Bhasin; so he is one of my favourites among Indian designers. I like Armani and DKNY among foreign ones.

What was the first fashionable thing that you bought with your first pay cheque?
I don't remember that.

What is your most expensive buy so far?
Has to a suit from Armani...that's the most expensive thing I have bought till date.

Where do you generally shop at?
Generally I shop whenever I am travelling abroad, with a film, or on a holiday. That's the time I generally go out shopping.

Are you brand conscious?
Yeah! I like to dress up in brands; not for any stupid reason, but because I see certain standards and quality maintained in branded products.

Who is the best dressed man in Bollywood?
I don't care. I don't look at them like that.

And what about the best-dressed woman in Bollywood?
Would be (pauses)...Katrina Kaif.

What does your wife (Prerna) look best dressed in?
Everything...I want to score points on this one, yaar. I can't say one particular thing...everything she wears, she looks fabulous.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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