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Interview with Konkona Sen Sharma : It is perseverance to do better with every film

"It is perseverance to do better with every film"

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There is something that actress Konkona Sen Sharma has inherited from her actor-director mother Aparna Sen. It is perseverance to do better with every film, which makes her one of the most bankable names in the industry today. Be it with an offbeat role in a Hindi film or the more unconventional portrayal of today's woman in a Bengali film, Konkona has carved a niche for herself. The actress speaks on her next English film THE PRESIDENT IS COMING, her Hindi films and her journey in Bollywood so far.

Long time away from the theatres... Where were you?
I don't think it's long time. But yes... I was shooting all throughout the year. At times some films get delayed but there are quite a few now lined up for release.

So we get to see you in another English film, THE PRESIDENT IS COMING?
Yes again and I am thrilled.

Seems you really like doing English films.
This film is produced by Rohan Sippy... so when he came to me and gave a brief on the film, I was completely bowled over. It didn't take much time for me to decide because I knew it was going to be a good fm. Actually, I am happy and comfortable doing films in all the languages I know... I mean English, Hindi, Bengali. I speak these three languages and I am more than comfortable doing these kinds of films.

Which means unlike many you like doing English films too besides being a regular in Hindi films?
Yes, why not. This is my fifth or sixth English film. I said it's a language I am comfortable in and I can do films in all the languages I know. So why not English?

The director of the film, Kunaal Roy Kapoor had earlier directed the play too. Did you watch the play?
No, I couldn't ... at least not before the shooting. And most of the actors in the film were also part of the play. So when the shooting for the film was on they play was kept on halt... But I must say it's a good play.

Okay... tell me what is the film about? The name sounds quite interesting.
It's really an interesting story too. It is on US President George Bush's visit to India who wants to shake hands with a young Indian. So the US Consulate arranges for such a meeting which has a number of young Indians who are crazy.

And you play one of them...
Yes...yes... I play one of those youths of today. My role is of a Bengali novelist who is also bent towards the left wing.

That really sounds interesting. Whether it Hindi, Bengali or English, you are seen mostly in offbeat films. How do you decide on a film?
So far I have gone by only one thing and that's the script. If I like the script I decide to do it but at times the director and the role also makes a lot of differences. I have always liked and enjoyed doing films with good directors.

So tell me what are the forthcoming releases?
There are quite a few. Of course THE PRESIDENT IS COMING is one of the big releases. Rituparno Ghosh's bilingual film SUNGLASS too will release soon. And then there are quite a few more. SUNGLASS is finally ready?
(Smiles) I told you, the release of the film is not in the hand of the actor so at times it gets delayed but really I am happy that it is releasing. It's going to be a good film.

And besides these what else in Hindi?
A lot... There's DIL KABBADI, Dharma Production's WAKE UP SID, Zoya Akhta's LUCK BY CHANCE and Mukta Art's RIGHT YA WRONG.

So when do we see you working with your mother next?
See... it's not that since she is my mother I will be there in all her films. We will work when a role fits me. Let's hope something good comes out soon.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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