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Interview with Kavita Krishnamurthy : Kavita Krishnamurthy (now Subramaniam) is 'Back to the Future'

"Kavita Krishnamurthy (now Subramaniam) is 'Back to the Future'"



Kavita Krishnamurthy (now Subramaniam) is 'Back to the Future'. Well, that's what the name of her recent project is. On a lazy afternoon in Kolkata, the singer tells our correspondent why she has lost interest in playback singing.

Tell us about your new project 'Back to the Future'.
There is this Kolkata-based musical group called 'You and I', started by Soumyajit Das and Soumendu Mallik. This group works on how to present spiritual music in modern fold, so that it can be infused into today's generation as well. After four years of research they have come up with their new album 'Back to the Future'. I have sung one of the eight songs of the collection.

What is the song like?
It's basically a 'ghazal'-based song. After a long time, I could please the singer in me with this song.

Why is that you stay away from playback singing now-a-days?
I don't want to work with today's musicians. Neither their music, nor their lyrics touches the heart. Today's songs don't have that sensitivity and warmth. I don't know about other singers, but I, personally, can't get into an emotional bonding with the songs that are being made now. Everything is computerized; how can a singer's soul be satisfied with such mechanical singing! Besides, the young musicians have become professional; they make music keeping in mind the commercial aspect, even if it has to be at the cost of creativity.

Do they (today's composers) call you for playback?
Today's composers mostly take singers from television reality shows; may be that's why they don't call singers like us for playback. But then there are exceptions...there are a couple of really talented musicians. I have settled in Bangalore after marriage (with violin virtuoso Dr L Subramaniam). But if there are good offers, I am ready to fly to any part of the country.

You just said today's lyrics don't touch your heart. So, whose lyrics are your favourite?
I think a perfect combination of good lyrics and good music brings out the best in a singer. According to me, Javed Akhtar and Gulzar are the best lyricists in Bollywood.

Are you working on any new project?
Yes. As I told you, no distance is long enough if there is some good songs waiting for me. I am working on some Hindi and Bengali projects right now. But sorry, can't give you details; because I don't believe in blowing my own trumpets. You will get to know about them as soon as they are ready to release.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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