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Interview with Priyadarshan : KANCHIVARAM is having a World Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival

"KANCHIVARAM is having a World Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival"

PriyadarshanDirector Priyadarshan is on cloud nine these days. He has given a number of hits over the years but this is something he rates as the best thing to have happened in his career so far. His film KANCHIVARAM is having a World Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and all eyes will be set on him. Priyadarshan speaks to our correspondent on his brush with a different kind of film altogether

Hello... finally you are in the big league internationally with KANCHIVARAM making it to the international circuit.
I am a satisfied man today. It has been a big achievement to me. I am glad that my work has been recognized. This film will always remain special to me because this was my first attempt to make a realistic film and it has got noticed.

What do you mean by realistic?
It is a serious film and a story that not too many people know. I was bent on making a realistic film this time. So long I have made films for the audiences. Those were from my brain. This is from my heart. So naturally this is going to remain close to my heart.

But why did you think of changing your style? Weren't you happy doing the kind of films you have been doing so far?
I am still happy doing all those kinds of films. I have done every kind of film but this time I thought of doing something that would satisfy me as a director. KANCHIVARAM is a story that will be liked by everyone. I am happy that my effort hasn't gone in vain.

But it's a Tamil film so quite a few might miss it...
I hope they don't miss. They can always watch it with subtitles.

What inspired you to choose such a subject?
This is an unknown story to many who haven't read much about the silk industry. I always used to think how sorry the life of silk weaver is. He weaves 30,000-40,000 meters of cloth all throughout his life but he can't buy a single meter for himself. When he dies his body doesn't get a single inch of silk with which it can be covered nor can he give a silk saree to his daughter when she is married of. It touched me a lot. A similar thing happened in this place called Kanchi too in 1920, when the trade union movement started against the feudal system.

But you have made serious films too earlier.

Yes I have but primarily they were all commercial ventures. This isn't a commercial venture. I didn't make this film looking at the business side.

Okay tell me something...will you stop making comedies. Your comedies are liked by everyone...
I will keep making them. I'll keep making films from all genres. I like doing that. I have made every kind of film...on terrorism and action films to love stories to comedy. But my next film BILLOO BARBER with Shah Rukh Khan is again a different kind of film. It's on friendship.

Incidentally Deepika Padukone is doing an item number for your film.
(Laughs) That's all because of Shah Rukh. He is the one who did this for me. I wanted to do a film with Deepika but it hasn't happened so far but Shah Rukh has arranged for at least something.

And how was it working with Shah Rukh?
I must say he is a brilliant actor and completely dedicated towards his work. Any director would love to work with him. I am just impressed with him. I hope the film is liked by all once it releases in November.


- By Glamsham Editorial

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