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Interview with Bipasha Basu : Bipasha Basu can't hold her excitement anymore.

"Bipasha Basu can't hold her excitement anymore."

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view BIPASHA BASU picture gallery

She has proved her worth as an actress of substance and now she is ready for her second big release of this year BACHNA AE HASEENO. Bipasha Basu can't hold her excitement anymore. She shares her experience of working with Ranbir Kapoor and much more with our correspondent.

So you are all excited...
Yes... excited certainly I am. It's a big film and expectations are high but more than that it's a good film. I must say this is a great film from Yash Raj.

Yash Raj... Hmm. Your last Yash Raj release DHOOM 2 too was also a hit. Does that add to the expectations?
Big banners always matter. They are always important. I am more excited because I am working with this banner. Yash Raj has always made good films and I am sure this one too will be appreciated by the cinemagoers.

Your last film RACE was a hit. So you have had a good year so far.
I am keeping my fingers crossed. It was a different film and this one is a different film altogether. I do fewer films these days because I have decided that I will only do those films which I would really enjoy doing. I enjoyed doing this film and more so because of a perfect set of costars and a good director.

Which means you liked everything about this film...
I wanted to do a romantic film because I haven't done one for a long time. BACHNA AE HASEENO had a lovely script...I mean it was perfect from all corners. But what was more attractive was my character 'Radhika'. It was almost custom made for me. I could relate to it. And not only just me but the entire casting has been perfect including Deepika, Ranbir and Minissha's character. That makes a lot of sense.

So how does Radhika look?
It is an out and out glamorous role.

You mean like the one in RACE?
You can't compare the two. It was thriller and this is an out-and-out romantic film. Radhika is a dancer by professional who comes to Mumbai and joins Shaimak Dawar's dance group. She is smart, intelligent and highly one word she is today's perfect urban girl. Each character has been given a different kind of look, including mine.

Did you have to work a lot on your look?
No, it was Aki Narula who gets the credit. He has given me a damn cool look. He has made me look as much fashionable as possible. He is simply great at his job.

view BACHNA AE HASEENO PRESS MEET picture gallery

view BACHNA AE HASEENO PRESS MEET picture gallery

Now the more important thing... Ranbir Kapoor. He is the heartthrob of the nation. How was it working with him?

Oh...he was simply great, not because he is the heartthrob of the nation but as a professional too he is great to work with. The best thing about him is he knows what to do and how to do. And top of it Ranbir is a simple and down to earth guy who despite coming from a Kapoor family doesn't carry any attitude.

You were also the senior-most member among all the four actors. So did you come up with suggestions and some handy tips?
(Laughs) Do you think that was at all required? Come on I must say that we all had a great time working together. It was great team and you will get to see the outcome once the film releases. Moreover, Ranbir and Deepika never looked like newcomers. The kind of launch they got last year has added to their confidence. And that has helped both a lot at work. So is Minissha. She is a very sweet girl and she too has so many good films to her credit already. (Smiles)

Okay, okay you seem to be really excited about this film...
Oh and I missed out someone's name who made it all happen. Siddharth (Anand) our director. He is young and was full of energy coordinating everything.

Now tell me about what after BACHNA AE HASEENO...
I have Rituparno Ghosh's SOB CHARITRO KALPONIK and another film PANKH. Both are good films but I am particularly excited about my first Bengali film. It's a completely different kind of film and role. You will see a different kind of Bipasha altogether.

Apparently it's a deglam role...
(Smiles) I am not going to say anything more. Right now I am completely focusing on BACHNA AE HASEENO. I will tell you the next time.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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