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Interview with Shahrukh Khan : When I am working with Yash Raj Films we don't work on decisions

"When I am working with Yash Raj Films we don't work on decisions"

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What do you think about the music of RAB NE BANA DI JODI?Which is your favourite track from the film?

I don't think about the music of the film because music is not to be thought about, music is to be heard, enjoyed and felt, also I am a little tone deaf about music I don't really know what great music is but as a lay man I do understand that all the songs sound cool of my film of other films and this is what happen to me when I hear the music of RAB NE BANA DI JODI I heard it in installments because Adi is secretive about his music so the first song I heard was 'Haule Haule' and maybe its like love at first sight or love at first hear and Haule Haule is my favourite song. I think Salim-Sulieman have excelled, they are wonderful music directors but for 'Haule Haule' they have gone beyond and I think Jaideep's lyrics both have merged together it's a modern sounding song with amazing earthy lyrics it reminds me a bit of the CHAK DE INDIA song 'Kuch Kariye Kuch Kariye'. 'Haule Haule' is sweeter is kinder and little geekier that says some really nice things. My second most favorite song is the title track 'Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai' but to be honest I think the beauty of the music of this film will lie when you see the film because it flows seamlessly. It has four songs visually in the film and when I saw the movie the best thing I liked is that the songs don't stop the movie they don't just come as an item they take the story forward. Visually I think the most attractive song is 'Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte' its very attractive to the audience because I am doing a lot of different getups also its very attractive because I had five beautiful women dancing with me. You get a new comer to act with you and then you have five fantastically, sexy and attractive ladies dancing with you so that was nice and visually its like really big and huge and Shiamak has excelled himself in that song so on and on great music. There are some people in London I hear they like 'Dance Pe Chance' because it's got this English- Hindi kind of teaching you how to dance kind of music. Anushka has danced very well on it I have tried to keep up, I have an excuse I am not a good dancer and even in the film I am suppose to be a bad dancer so it works well for me but overall I think the music is really nice really befitting this kind of film.

What was it that helped you decide to do this film?
When I am working with Yash Raj Films we don't work on decisions we just do it we don't even work together we just love each other we just go ahead and say ok. Yashji What film are you making or Yashji will call me 'Tu kya kar raha hai' and I will say 'Kuch nehi' and he will say' Chal aaja picture kar le' Adi also called me in January and said I have written a film for you and I will make you hear it and you tell me, I said ok and I heard it and said its very nice and he said we are doing it, so there is never any decisions to be made when you are working with Yash Raj Films atleast my relationship is like this. Its just that sometimes both of us whether its Adi and me or Yashji and me or even for Karan and Farah we say ok lets do a film and we just go and tell a story so I cant say there is one thing that makes me decide to do this film except for the fact that I love Adi very much and I have only one thing as an elder to tell him that before he finishes making films he should have directed 30 films he's about 10 years to late and this is his third film, I think by now he should have been doing his seventh film then he would have had six DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE right now he's just going to have three of them.

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view RAB NE BANA DI JODI videos

Can you tell us something about the character you play.

I am playing Surinder Sahani an ordinary person. Adi and myself I think are quite responsible for creating this young urban yuppy hero type called Raj when we did DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE. I wouldn't like to take the whole credit but give it to Adi but that kind of cinema and that kind of character we brought where good at heart, golden hearted but really cool on top perhaps could be misunderstood and I think over the years as we have grown we realized that we don't even need to dress him up well, I think we decided that we have normally tried to sell you the model of a car with the beauty of its lines and say Oh its got a fantastic bonnet, its got fused lighting and its got this rooftop, it's a convertible but basically what counts in a car is the engine this time I think Adi and me decided that we are going to bare the engine and put it in front of the people and say if it doesn't look very attractive it doesn't have smooth lines, its not a convertible but this is what runs the car so Surinder Sahni to me is the engine of most of the characters that perhaps Adi and me have done together he is what he would look like from inside may be not very attractive may be little simple but Surinder Sahni runs this character so I wouldn't call Surinder Sahni a character actually I would call him the soul of lot of characters that Adi has written for me and other actors also

What was it like working with Anushka Sharma who is making her debut
To be really honest when I met Anushka I felt that she's got an amazing amount of confidence, I think she has modeled before this on the ramp, She's a very pretty girl, very conscientious which I notice is a common trait in the youth of today. All youngsters of today have a very clear cut thought process, they want to learn but they have a mind of their own and this is an experience I am really finding very interesting in my phase of career that I am working with youngster who come with an idea which is I would say they speak the language of this generation, they have expressions of this generation I think I am from a different generation and may be I am getting a little old fangled, may be I am getting what people call stylized and mannerised in my acting, may be I am just getting repetitive in my acting. When I worked with Anushka it made me realize that there is a whole new world of enacting a scene, Anushka in a certain way has helped me a lot with this film lot of people asked me did you direct Anushka because she's a new comer? I think without knowing Anushka has directed me in the film because she gives a different expression and I am like listen I cannot be going on to the set pattern of how I act I need to react to this girl whose so fresh and different so as an actor I would say she has kept me on my toes and I think she has done a wonderful job because really needed a new character for this film, the film becomes believable for Suri and everybody else in the film because of Anushka, she holds the film together. She is in the certain sense the main protagonist. Actually at the end of one scene I went up to her and told her 'thank you for making my film so beautiful' I think these are the two things I can say about Anushka and wish her All the best, I feel responsible for her career because she is starting of with me. I hope she does a fantastic job. Thank you for teaching me how to act in a different way and keeping me on my toes not just by virtue of being fresh and new, by being taller than me also. I truly from the bottom of my heart pray for her. I hope we have got this film right Adi and myself feel it does really good for her and she does some amazing amount of work so we can feel proud that we started her career on celluloid.

This is your third film with Aditya Chopra what was the experience working with him on RAB NE BANA DI JODI ?
Adi is a very very old friend we have known each other for I think around 14 to 15 years maybe. We share a very close rapport we started working in DARR when he was the chief AD and somehow we started feeling that we think the same. Adi and me have a lot of things in common. I think we are both a little reclusive, my job being an actor I think have to come out and be in the open but I would be a lot like Adi you know a little shy, reclusive, quite wanting to create new things but strangely because both of us are alike we do realize the decency in letting each have his own space so its really wonderful professionally we respect each other. I call him Sir on the sets I respect what he does I think he's a little more intense then me and I am a little more funny then him so that helps in making a film because he brings the intensity like in DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE and I think I bring the comedy in a film so this film we have gone over the top he has allowed me to be funny I have allowed him to be intense, I think it's a great mix when we come together and I respect him for his beliefs, he's very earthy 'Thank you Adi' for allowing me to be a part of your third dream and I hope I can continue to work very hard and hopefully try and be a part of your last dream too whenever that may be fifty -sixty years down the line. But I am like really blessed to have someone like Adi making films with me and all three so it's a hundred percent record for me.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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