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Interview : Konkona Sen Sharma

'We never address women's libido'

She recently tied the knot with her long time beau Ranvir Shorey. But apart from her baby bump, (Yes, she's expecting) life's pretty much the same for National Award winning actress Konkona Sen Sharma. Catch her in a freewheeling chat as she speaks about her forthcoming film MIRCH, married life and a lot more.

view MIRCH videos

view MIRCH videos

What is the film MIRCH about? Is it a film inside film?
Yes, it's about this filmmaker who is trying to make a film. His producer has rejected his idea as he finds is too serious and arty-farty. So this filmmaker comes up with four stories full of masala that he can sell and the producer loves it. In two of them I play the woman and in the other two Raima does. All the four women are caught in compromising positions. What happens then and how they get out of it is what MIRCH is about.

You are known for the kind of films that you do and your roles. So what made you do this film?
I really liked the characters in this film. It's ostensibly about infidelity but it is actually a very funny film that talks about deeper issue. Like there's a disparity between men and women and the way they are treated. All the women in this film are very interesting. Usually, I'm asked to play women who are very good and morally upright and all that. But in case I was asked to play women who are a little mischievous and a little naughty. So that was fun for me.

'Women adultery definitely happens.'

So are you playing a double role?
Yeah, that's right. I'm playing a double role.

You are playing such a role for the first time. So did you have any inhibitions?
No, it was done with a different kind of sensibility. It's not a cheap or a sleazy kind of a film. For example, one of characters is of a Rajasthani queen. She's caught cheating on her husband. But the husband is a much older man. She's married off when she was very young to a man who was probably 40 years older than her. That's not a correct thing to do either. So in society we accept certain evils but certain others we don't accept. So there's clearly a discrepancy and hypocrisy in that. In my other story, the man and the women are both wrong. But somehow the woman is looked at differently. But it's done in a very funny way. None of the stories are preachy or serious.

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What is your take on women adultery?
Women adultery definitely happens. Adultery happens with both men and women.

But only men are normally shown to be adulterous in our films and even in our day-to-day life.
Those are the things that our society pretends to be blind to. We never address women's libido. It is believed that only men have a libido and women don't have a libido. It's a very immature way of looking at life. Men and women both are equal. Both have the potential to be adulterous.

You are playing a queen in this film. What if you were made a queen for a day?
(Smiles) I was made a queen not in this day and age. It was supposed to be olden time period. But I'm quite happy not being a queen. It comes with a lot of restrictions also.



Restrictions like?

I don't know. I've never really studied the life of a queen. But I'm quite happy with my own life.

Raima Sen is also in this film. So did the Bong bonding happen on the sets?
I know Raima socially. But we didn't have any scenes together in MIRCH.

'Ranvir and I are very excited for our baby'

How was the experience working with Vinay Shukla?
Very good. I knew him a little bit before hand. He's a very good director. He made GODMOTHER, which I had liked. So I knew that even if the subject is bold it would be handled in a very classy way. It's not handled in a sleazy way and I don't have anything to be embarrassed about that way. The themes are definitely adult.

How is married life treating you?
So far so good. There's hardly any major difference.

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How are Ranvir and you treating the prospect of having a baby soon?
Ranvir and I are very excited for our baby (smiles).

Do you feel the film industry treats you differently when you are married?
I think it's up to the women. Some people might treat you differently. But it's really up to you to put your foot down and decide for yourself what is okay and what's not okay for you.

What are your future projects?
The films which are ready for release are ITI MRINALINI which is directed by my mother, Aparna Sen. It will release early next year. Then there's SAAT KHOON MAAF in which I've done a cameo. That's it for now.

- Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial

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