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Interview : Rajshree Ojha

'I had been working on CHAURAHEN for almost two years'

There's a grin on Rajshree Ojha's face that's radiant in its appeal. It's not a spiteful, 'I-told- you-so' smirk, but one that comes from someone who is grounded in humility. AISHA bombed at the box office in 2010, and somewhere Rajshree had distanced herself from the film. In an interview, she was quoted to have said: 'Should I be politically correct and say since my name was on the credits of AISHA, it was my film? I had no control over the final cut.' Having no control over a final product for the captain of a ship can be quite frustrating. More so, if you are in a creative field. But Rajshree has not let the frustration of the past turn into bitterness. On the contrary, she has used the negatives of her working experience in AISHA to telling effect in CHAURAHEN, her latest film, which actually, is her first.

Martin D'Souza met with the director for a quick tete-a-tete.


How long were you working on CHAURAHEN?
CHAURAHEN has been my first film, although AISHA released first. I had been working on CHAURAHEN for almost two years, before I commenced shooting.

Considering the fate of AISHA, looking back, would you have liked this to be your first release?
Every film has its own fate! CHAURAHEN was to release after AISHA, so be it! Looking back, I am happy the way it all worked out.

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Were you totally in control of CHAURAHEN, I mean right from scripting, casting to direction to the final cut?
I was totally in control of CHAURAHEN. We learn in Film school that as first time director you never get the final cut and we are aware of it! I too was aware of that fact. Nevertheless, I want to say that AISHA was my conception and visualization so it's as much my film as CHAURAHEN!

Looking back, would you now be able have the final say (in future assignments) in the final cut, considering that it is your name that goes into the credits?
Yes! I would always like to have a say in the final cut for my forthcoming films.

For someone not from the filmy fraternity, how difficult is it for one to break through?
Pretty tough. But I guess your work should speak for itself! I believe in that...

And what do you have to say about Director's Rare, a category created by PVR?
This is a great platform for independent directors and producers. I only wish they have a little budget for promotions as well! But anyway PVR Director's Rare is a new voice for cinema lovers!

- Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial

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