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Interview with Sonali Kulkarni : I am simply mad about films.

"I am simply mad about films."

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For Sonali Kulkarni good roles have always mattered more than anything else. The substance girl of Indian cinema thus has never craved for spotlight as she feels it is her performance that will speak for her. Back on screen after a while with VIA DARJEELING and a long a long list to follow... Sonali Kulkarni shared a long conversation.

Where were you missing out from the scene?
I wasn't missing at all. Who says so? I was working without a pause and now I will be seen all throughout the year.

Then you must be tired with so much work?
I am rather excited. I love working. I am simply mad about films. More work never makes me tired. I absolutely work on the basis of my instinct. A good role is enough for me to sign a film.

Is that how VIA DARJEELING came your way?
See, I have never cared about who is making a film or who my co-stars are. It's only a good role that matters most. VIA DARJEELING is one such film. It's one of my best performances. Many will envy the role I lapped up in VIA DARJEELING... It's a role that every actress would have loved to play.

You have always been appreciated for your roles but none of the films except DIL CHAHTA HAI worked miracles at the box office?
This is one film I am looking forward to. It's a psychological thriller...and this film has every potential to emerge as a hit. For me the fate of a film gets decided only after it has passed the editing table and I have never cared about numbers.

Which means you don't care about hits!!
Come on...I never said that. I am not a saint. A hit definitely matters but I am not among those who would repent on my career moves. I am absolutely happy about the way my career graph has moved. What I know is I am sincere, hard working and completely driven by instincts.

That's speaking like a serious actor...
Yes it is the actor in me that takes all the decisions revolving my choice of films.

Even your last two films STRANGERS and SIRF too did not work. Was that because your roles were miniscule?
I really don't know but both were good films...I do feel bad when a film doesn't work but I have also never taken up projects going by the length of my role. An actor should never do that. Do you think that's right...? (Sighs). I have never judged roles by the number of lines I have to speak, or number of shots I have...or the costume changes I have.

That reminds me... Are you trying to work on an image change?
Why should I?

No...going by the bold bathtub scene in STRANGERS... 
You can't call it bold. The role demanded it and there's nothing more to that. I think people are trying to over hype it.

So what are you counting on? VIA DARJEELING? 
Very much. This film will always remain close to me, so will be my next film BBD, which is directed by Anjan Dutt.

And you shot both the films in Kolkata... 
Not only that but with a Kolkata crew who made me feel like a complete Bengali throughout the making of the film. I must have been a Bengali in my last birth. I love every bit of being a Bengali. They are more than film lovers. Bengalis are just passionate about good cinema much like the 'Maharashtrians'. And no one can understand it better than someone like me who has tasted success with regional films.

So what do you play in VIA DARJEELING? 
A married girl whose character has full of surprises right from beginning till the end. It's because my character has a number of shades. No...that's it...I won't say anything more (laughs)'s a thriller after all.

Leave aside films. What about marriage?
I don't know but I will marry. You said you wouldn't ask anything beyond this. (Smiles) 

Fair enough... so what are the other films that you were talking about?
Wait and watch! There's BBD, LOVE KHICHDI, MUMBAI CUTTING and MOHANDAS... Well this time I will ask questions...

What do you mean?
Just kidding. I play a journo in MOHANDAS (Laughs)

- By Glamsham Editorial

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