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Interview with Amitabh Bachchan : The friendly ghost in the tinsel town is ready to play, sing, dance

"The friendly ghost in the tinsel town is ready to play, sing, dance"

Broadband: Interview with Amitabh Bachchan

Broadband: Interview with Amitabh Bachchan

The friendly ghost in the tinsel town is ready to play, sing, dance, and entertain you with his banter gimmick. Yes Big B is all set to hit the silver screen from May 9 in the disguise of BHOOTHNATH to tickle your funny bone rather than scare your nerve. Let's hear it from Big B what he has to say about his new 'avtar' BHOOTHNATH

First of all, there is inquisitiveness about the title BHOOTHNATH which sounds paradoxical in outlook, what is the implication of this title in the film? 
This is perhaps your interpretation; we have never considered it in this manner. The 'Bhoot' of this film is Mr. Nath. The child (Banku) in this film never believes in ghost, according to him there are only angels in life. And this bemuses Banku when he comes to know that Mr. Nath is the ghost and therefore he address him 'BHOOTHNATH' 

You have been given a very peculiar look for Ghost, why? How would you define your look in this film?
Yes, that was required as per the film. The director wanted to carry such shabby look as he wanted that the 'Bhoot' should appear in the state he was when he died. And of course the fact that he lived in this manner and there has been no change in his continence or his dress appearance so his nails are dirty and long, he hasn't brush his teeth, his hairs are unkempt, he's put on weight. So you will find a healthier and uncanny individual until the time when he meets this sweet little kid 'Banku'. His world changes when he meets the little fellow. As and when their bonding fortifies and their liking develops towards each other the 'Bhoothnath' undergoes several changes. He improvises his attire, his behavior and transforms himself into relatively normal looking person. 

Do you personally believe in ghosts? 
No, I don't believe in ghosts. 

You are a friendly ghost in BHOOTHNATH?
Yes this ghost is very benevolent. Initially he is not friendly with anyone as he doesn't want people to come and occupy his space but eventually he is very kindhearted and nice person and a nice 'Bhoot'.

So the earlier portion of the movie is scary?
No not at all

The target audience is mainly children?
I hope everybody watches this film. This film is for everyone. But yes there is a kid in the film and if that according to you is the attraction for the film than yes. 

As per the promos, the kid plays pranks with you in the movie; did you ever play any prank on sets?
We keep having a lot of fun with each other while we are shooting and also when the shot is getting ready. The child (Aman) is very fond of playing cricket and video games, so he used to get it on the sets and play in between the shots. 

How would the kids address you on sets 'Bhoot uncle' or 'Amit Uncle' 
I can't remember anyone calling me 'Bhoot uncle' or 'Amit Uncle' or at times just come in to say Amitabh Bachchan 

Any signature dialogue which people would love to carry? 
No I don't think so and I don't think there is any need for it either. The film is not about signature dialogue, it's about relationship between grandson and his grandfather. 

Any dialogue which is emphatic and signifies the entire story of the film? 
I think it's throughout the film because he is such a benevolent ghost and not evil and because he deals with the kid, there are moments which trap the film where he guides the kid, teaches him the values of life. He is very keen to make sure that even though he may not be around to be with the kid all his life, he should follow certain principles of life and respect values attached to life. And those are the most valuable things that the ghost is able to give to the child. Respect towards parents, the importance of family, importance of obedience, importance of struggle to fight for the position with honesty, etc. just common values of life which every parent wants to inculcate in their young generation. 

- By Glamsham Editorial

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