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Interview with Jiah Khan : I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Amitabh Bachchan

"I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Amitabh Bachchan"

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She is one of the lucky few who got to start her career opposite Amitabh Bachchan in NISHABD. And it seems actress Jiah Khan's dream run is on as she gears up for her second film GHAJINI, this time opposite another biggie - Aamir Khan. The sultry siren who created a buzz with her daredevil act in NISHABD speaks to our Correspondent on GHAJINI, Aamir Khan and her future plans

So don't you feel luckier compared to others to have started your career opposite two of the biggest stars of Indian cinema?
Lucky!!! I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with them. And after working with them I realized why they are called the biggest stars. In this process I have learnt a lot from them... about work and how to be a professional.

NISHABD released quite some time ago and since then you were missing...
Actually I was shooting all this time and that kept me busy. I know it's quite some time but I won't be missing any longer (smiles).

But don't you think staying away from the public eye also means fading away from their memory?
Yes I agree to that... (sighs) but what can I do. During the shooting of both the films, NISHABD and GHAJINI I was bound by contract and I could not appear anywhere. But now that is over and you will see me a lot more.

So, what are your expectations with GHAJINI given that it's one of the biggest films this year and also has Aamir Khan?
I am excited but at the same time I am nervous too. It's a big film and I know a lot will depend on how I perform...whether the audiences will like me. At the same time I am thrilled because Aamir is one of the finest actors in the trade today and GHAJINI has a powerful storyline. I am sure GHAJINI will be liked and appreciated by all.

You haven't been featured in the promos of GHAJINI while Asin is being promoted. Do you panic this as you might lose out to Asin? (laughs) there's no reason to panic. I think that has a lot to do with the promotion of the film. I have a crucial role and I am confident that I will be liked for my performance. At the same time I think Asin deserves this promotion because this is her first Hindi film. I must say that she has done a brilliant job.

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view GHAJINI videos

So how was she to work with?
I have interacted with her but we don't have any scenes together. She is in the first half where as my track starts in the second half. Asin is in the romantic half where she is Aamir's love interest and I am in the thriller half.

And don't you share a romantic link with Aamir in this film?
Oh no... I play a medical student whose first case study is Aamir's brain. She is a doctor and explores Aamir's brain after the accident. I am like his friend always who helps him take revenge.

That sounds great. But did you also need to research a lot to get those medical terminologies perfect?
I had to research... (pauses) but that was it. I didn't have to research a lot because the story is not about doctors.

You created quite a buzz and got noticed for your sensuous dressing in NISHABD. Do we get to see you once again in that avatar?
No way. I think I got noticed for my performance. Both my roles in NISHABD and GHAJINI are performance driven. In fact the roles are completely different and to a great extent opposite. You would rather see me fully cover all throughout the film.

Now tell me one thing that has been the most talked about thing in recent times - Aamir's physique?
You mean his eight pack abs? That was something I think only Aamir can manage. He is a thorough gentleman and a professional. And I must say he looks great in this physique. At time I used to get stunned watching him shoot a particular scene. He is a perfectionist.

So you are all set for GHAJINI?
Oh yes... I am just counting the days.

Where do we see you next?
There are two films in the with Shahid Kapur. It's directed by Ken Ghosh and is a musical. The other one is Sajid Khan's HOUSEFULL.

And do we again get to see you after almost a gap of two years?
No no...(laughs). Ken's film should release by March-April next year and then there's HOUSEFULL that releases by the end of next year.

So, all the best for GHAJINI.
Thank you. I hope you like the film.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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