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Interview : Kareena Kapoor

'I am the backbone and soul of BODYGUARD'

BODYGUARD is a romantic action film starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Directed by Siddique, the film is a remake of the director's 2010 Malayalam film of the same name.

The story revolves around Lovely Singh (Salman Khan), a bodyguard who aspires to work for a business tycoon. He gets lucky by bagging the job of the tycoon's only daughter Divya (Kareena Kapoor). An irked Diviya makes life miserable for Lovely who takes his job too seriously.

The film is promised to bring you all the entertainment you need. Our correspondent recently caught up with Kareena Kapoor while she was in London celebrating her beau's (Saif Ali Khan) birthday.

BODYGUARD is a remake of Malayalam film also named BODYGUARD which released in 2010; did you see the original before shooting for the Hindi remake?
Of course when I signed the film the director Siddique who is also the director of the Malayalam and Tamil (KAAVALAN) version of the film showed me the Malayalam film - I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film.

view BODYGUARD stills
view BODYGUARD stills

Did you pick up any tips from the original film?
Not really, they have actually tweaked the Hindi version to obviously suit the north Indian audiences and sensibilities so it is actually very different from the original. There is a lot more action and drama obviously being a Salman film we'll have all of that.

How would you describe your character 'Divya Rana'?
She is the back bone and soul of the film which is very unlike a typical Salman movie. It's basically a love story, which obviously has a lot of emotion to it which my character lends.

Your look in the film has been admired by many, with your desi attire much like 'Geet' from JAB WE MET, do the characters 'Geet' and 'Divya' overlap in anyway?
Well my fans like to see me in the desi attire and the fusion looks. And yes the look is similar to 'Geet' in some way but there is a lot more colour in Bodyguard -greens, purples and yellows. I want my fans to see me in the way they like me.

Your fans are super excited to see you twice this year starting off with BODYGUARD and then RA.ONE with Shahrukh Khan, there after you have AGENT VINOD with Saif Ali Khan and Reema Kagti's untitled project with Aamir Khan. All are different from one another. How are you picking your films?
I'm excited about all the films. In BODYGUARD I play a girl that goes to management college and in RA.ONE I play Shahrukh's wife with a son and in AGENT VINOD I play a spy agent, so yes you are right each film is very different from another.

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Is this a conscious decision?
Yes I think so, I always want to do something different, and I don't want my fans to get bored either. This brings a variety to them as well as me.

You've worked with Salman Khan twice previously in KYUN KI and MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA. Both weren't successful at the box office -  what are your expectations with this film?
Being an Eid release I am sure it'll do well, there is a lot of colour and festivity in this film. I think people will enjoy it because they are out to watch entertaining movies. Obviously BODYGUARD is promising this.

Hazel who plays your best friend in the film is a British actor, what was it like working with her?
It was great, she is a lovely girl and she has a very special role in the film. I hope people like her because she has done really good.

You're always seen very glamorous clothing from western wear to eastern wear, which do you prefer?
Both, gowns are a lot more hard work though.

Have you ever considered launching your own clothing line?
I haven't as yet; I think it needs a lot of hard work and time, which I don't have right now. Although you never know some day I may.

- Supriya Davda, Glamsham Editorial

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