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Interview with K.K : KK is now back with his second music album

"KK is now back with his second music album"

KK is now back with his second music album 'Humsafar', eight years after the release of his superhit debut album 'Pal'. The new album has just been released. It also marks K K's debut as a music composer. Though KK's forte lies in pop and rock ballads, he is one of the country's most versatile singers. He is known for his performances in live gigs and has also sung a lot of advertising jingles in his career. Nikhil Agarwal catches up with the singing sensation in Kolkata.

Tell us about your new album.
I'm back! (Smiles) I am happy to come up with my own album. I wanted to do something for myself as opposed to how it feels when you sing for other people. 'Yeh Kahan' (in the album) was penned by me seven years ago and 'Dekho Na', a rock number was written six years ago while jamming with my band and the rest of the six songs came about in the last two years. One of the songs is in complete English and in another; lyrics are both in Hindi and English.

Why did you take so long to come up with your second album after 'Pal', which was a huge hit?
It took a lot of time only because I am a lazy guy. I sat around with the songs for a long period. I was never with a deadline as to when should my next album be ready. But in the last three years, I was getting quite restless and then it finally happened.

Which is your favourite song in the album?
It's 'Rain Bhai Kaari', which takes its musical influences from Bengal's traditional 'Baul' folk songs and is little modern and little rock.

From singing, you have now also turned composer. How have managed all this without any formal training?
I think the absence of a formal training has in fact, helped me. It helps me to perform naturally without following any set pattern. Music is something which should sound good to the ears. That's it.

What has been the turning point in your career?
'Pal' gave me a foothold into the music industry and then came 'Tadap Tadap' song from the film HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM, which was the turning point in my career. I got a lot of recognition after that.

Your take on talent shows
It seems all fake to me. Young singers should realize TV shows give you momentary recognition until someone else comes and steals the spotlight. I was a jury member in Fame Gurukul talent show. But who remembers Fame Gurukul now? That is history.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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