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Interview : Chaitannya Swami

'Anupji (Jalota) is my Godfather'

Chaitannya Swami makes his foray into film production by joining hands with Bhajan and Ghazals Samrat Anup Jalota. The duo is coming together to produce two rib-tickling situational comedies BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN and PAKAUU. The first being BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN. Recently we caught up with Chaitannya Swami. Here are the excerpts:


How your association formed with Anup Jalota and film BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN happened?

I have known Anup Ji from quite some time. This association is pretty old. Anupji is world famous and he is like my Godfather. We were initially in discussion of having director Rajkumar Santoshi and actor Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) for a project...but somehow certain things didn't work out and it was taking too much time. In the meantime we came up with the proposal of doing a youth-based low budget comedy film. Even our writer Satyajit Krushna Mahant came up with a good story and we all liked it and locked in BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN.

Apart from BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN any other film on the cards?

Yes we are producing yet another youth-based film called PAKAUU with a London-based partner Dr. Sanjay Parmar. The shooting of the film started alongside BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN and is almost complete. It's in its post-production stage.

You recently said that BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN is a bold but not a vulgar film...Can you tell us what kind of film is it?

BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN is a family entertainer. It's far better than what today's films offer. Now-a-days, talking about virginity or sex in no more a topic of taboo. I mean it's such a common topic, which every person deals with, so how can it be bold? The concept can't be bold so there is no question of vulgarity....

'There is no question of vulgarity in BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN...'

BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN is a story of four young guys grappling with their own unique situations that make their life a thrilling roller coaster ride. Each one is distressed of not having a girlfriend or a good life-partner.

Every common man would connect with BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN

The film and characters are set in north belt. Is it more about the youth of that zone?

The film may be set in the backdrop of North belt but the treatment is definitely different. The film is based on real life situations and gives a reality check too. Since it is a youth centric film, it caters to everybody. The region has nothing to do with it.

Every youth-based film offers some new funda. From kids to oldies everybody would lap up BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN because everyone likes to watch & relish glamour. The film has mass appeal. Each person will revisit their fond memories with BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN.

Is film industry now more accessible to outsiders? Is it easy to don producer's hat today?
Basically, the entire process of filmmaking has changed. Both luck and hardwork are required in the industry....Earlier the films used to be made on a budget of 1-1and 1/2 crores but now making a film and taking it to the audience costs you around 20-25 or 40-50 crores. Just making a film wont suffice if it's not reached to its right target audience then the whole effort goes in vain. Everything is expensive and out of budget now....In fact today's time is more difficult and competitive.

For the first timers it's very difficult to penetrate the industry. You need to give entry fee to get here. I have made BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN with patience and perseverance and I think we are leading in right direction.

download BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN wallpapers
download BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN wallpapers

BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN doesn't boast of big stars. Do you think stars take the film to a level and BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN may miss out on that?
No I don't think so because today content is the star. There have been umpteen examples where starry films sank without a trace. There have been many instances where star-studded or big-budgeted films were a complete wash-out. Like for e.g. Ajay Devgn is such a huge star but even his film HIMMATWALA was a big fiasco. Star ki value ek limit tak hai...Today the star factor is replaced by script & concept...A star film works for first three-days but after that script & concept takes forward any film.

'BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN is a very relatable film'

What are your expectations with BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN?

I think BOYSS TOH BOYSS HAIN will be a semit-hit and if it clicks well it will be a huge hit as the concept is quite relatable.

How much do critics matter for a film?

Critics take the film to a certain level and create a certain impression about the film. So their word do matter to an extent.

How do you see our Film Industry's presence on global platform?

Today our industry is expanding globally. The business of Indian films is flourishing. We are having good collection at Box-office.
- By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial

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