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Interview with Kay Kay Menon : A conversation with Kay Kay Menon and you realize that he is not a typical filmi sorts

"A conversation with Kay Kay Menon and you realize that he is not a typical filmi sorts"

Download  Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. WallpapersBarely 5 minutes into a conversation with Kay Kay Menon and you realize that he is not a typical filmi sorts that you speak and meet on a regular basis. With intelligent vibes generated by the actor, you know that here is one actor who is just waiting to burst into the film world in a big way, provided the makers who matter realize the immense potential that the man possesses. He speaks to Joginder Tuteja about life post ‘Black Friday’ and HTPL and how he is not really desperate to see his ‘Paanch’ seeing the light of the day.

Your natural act as a middle class Bengali character Partho in ‘Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd’ has come for much appreciation. Was there a reference point somewhere that made the character appear so believable?
Not really. Even for this role I went ahead in my normal mode. It wasn’t as if I had gone out to some research. For me the script is what guides me while the director’s inputs are most important. From hereon I come up with my own interpretation but that too within the parameters of what the script and director have to offer.

So in HTPL was it the script that drove you most?
Exactly. Once you follow the script and have an exciting role cut out of you, you end up doing something unique. Also, since no two people are same, something similar holds good for the characters as well who are bound to be different.

Something like that holds good for you too since one saw you in different light first in ‘Black Friday’ and now in HTPL.
And for that I must repeat that I am absolutely proud of my audience, especially when I look at the response ‘Black Friday’ has generated. Audience has palled up the film with open arms and an open heart. This has gone on to prove that both Indian audience as well as Indian cinema has come of age while the level of film making too has changed.


You sound really happy…
Yes, I am. See, ‘Black Friday’ released two years late and anything could have happened due to a delayed release. For someone like me who is an actor, the delay may not hamper much but the same cannot be said about the writer/director Anurag Kashyap since he was waiting for his film to hit the marquee. I felt bad that the film was stuck but thankfully everything is good now. It is good to see that the film has been received well with the audience maturing up too.

View Corporate Movie StillsDoesn’t this make you believe in the corner of your heart that ‘Paanch’ too may eventually see the light of the day?
[Laughs] Of course I would want to see the film releasing at theatres before I die. We all would before we all die! Every film is made for an audience to watch it; that’s the natural cycle for any film. Once this cycle is complete it is up to the audience to either accept or reject it, but the least is that the film should be seen. Having said that the producer unfortunately doesn’t have the guts or the mettle to bring the film up for release. The film is ready and has been cleared by Censors for ages. Still it’s a pity not to see the film being released.

That sounds quite disappointing..
Yes, we all are disappointed since everyone from the cast and crew worked so hard on the film. It is the only genuine noir genre film and even though many other films claim to be so, they actually do not belong to the genre in entirety. But anyways, let’s leave it. None of us are pining any hopes on the film anymore. If it releases, then it will be great for us and the audience but that’s about it!


- By Glamsham Editorial

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