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Interview with Meghna Gulzar : I've become better about the technical side of filmmaking.

"I've become better about the technical side of filmmaking. "

Meghna GulzarMeghna Gulzar's "Just Married", starring Esha Deol and Fardeen Khan, is out and the second time director says firmly that she would like people to describe it as a "light film" rather than "funny".

"When producer Pritish Nandy offered me the chance to make 'Just Married' I gave it all I had. I'm surprised at how amusing the film is. I'd call it a light film. I refrain from using the word 'funny' because people associate that word with slapstick," Meghna told IANS in an interview.

As the daughter of Rakhee and Gulzar sees it, her second film is better than her directorial debut "Filhaal" in terms of writing.

"My father saw it and he really liked it. I'd like to be a little harsher on myself. But, yes, I'd like to think my writing skills have gotten better since my first film 'Filhaal'.

"And I've become better about the technical side of filmmaking. 'Just Married' didn't actually require tremendous amounts of technical wizardry. It's a very simple story. But I feel I have improved in my shot takings."

Both papa Gulzar and daughter Meghna underwent tremendous amount of suspense while she waited to start her second film.

"The second film is truly tough for any director. But knowing the kind of person I am I'd go through similar stress for every film. In truth, my dad was more worried for me than I was. In hindsight the wait for my second film made me stronger."

Meghna says she has inherited a sense of fun from her father.

"People tend to look at him as this very serious filmmaker, which is true. But he has also made some really funny films like 'Angoor'. Like my dad's comedies, a lot of the humour in my film is situation-based.


"I guess my film has a sense of mischief about it that wouldn't be there in my dad's film, though 'Angoor' had its own sense of mischief. I feel 'Just Married' will appeal to the newly married and those who have been married for long."

She brushes off the ongoing comparisons with Reema Kagti's "Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd".

"Reema's film was being compared with 'Salaam-e-Ishq' also. But, when her film came out, there was nothing in common between the two. Yes, on the outside our films do look similar. It's a film about honeymooning couples.

"However, mine isn't an episodic film. My film has one main plot about a couple in an arranged marriage. The other characters come in as seasoning."

Meghna is surprised by Fardeen's and Esha's performance.

"Esha's real personality lent itself well to the character of the nervous bride. Esha is naturally fidgety. But Fardeen was an eye opener. The questions he asked me added nuances to his performance.

"Again, like Esha, Fardeen's character is close to the way he is in real life. Like his character, Fardeen got married recently, though he went through a love marriage in real life."


- By Glamsham Editorial

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