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Interview with pritam : All credit for where I am today should go to Sanjay [Sanjay Gadhvi, director of DHOOM series]

"All credit for where I am today should go to Sanjay [Sanjay Gadhvi, director of DHOOM series]"

PritamEver since Pritam first co-composed the songs of MERE YAAR KI SHAADI HAI for Sanjay Gadhvi and Aditya Chopra along with his then-partner Jeet, there hasn’t been a looking back for him as he returned to deliver chartbuster scores for Sanjay and Aditya in DHOOM and DHOOM 2. In this exclusive conversation, he talks about the association he has with the two men and narrates his journey from a humble background in Kolkata to the city of dreams Mumbai!

Not many know about your entry into the music scene?
All credit for where I am today should go to Sanjay [Sanjay Gadhvi, director of DHOOM series] followed by Adi! Adi is a genius, a whiz kid; I have never met a person like this in my life. You meet him and he will tell you exactly what is going to happen 8 months from now on a particular project. Whether it is production, distribution or anything else coming from the film house, he knows every minute detail. He is the one who started the trend of music videos for a film and see how it has caught up over the years.

How did your association with Sanjay Gadhvi begin?
We had worked together in his debut film TERE LIYE and he wanted to work only with me for his next film too. He was about to start work in DHOOM and he gathered courage to introduce me to Adi. He told Adi that there was this new guy who could add on to the project. Now Adi is of the kind who encourages new talent. He told Sanjay to explain the situations to me and see what I had in the offering. I was given the chance which changed my life forever. If DHOOM wouldn‘t have happened, I may have gone back to composing for ad films. I was thinking of doing jingles, music for TV serials etc. all over again but guess destiny had other plans for me.

You seem to be quite happy about the Gadhvi factor in your life?
Indeed I am. He has played a pivotal role in my life. He is not just a friend but a lot more. Whenever my life is in complication, he is the one who would stand out as a friend, a philosopher and a guide. Adi comes a close second because of his open minded nature. He doesn’t force ideas on you. He listens and pays respect to the technicians.


Certainly yes! So how is it all shaping up?
We are regularly debating about what kind of tracks we want that can take the narrative forward. There has to be a certain variety in the songs for sure but then they should have a common feel to. In nutshell, we are required to have 6 ‘Bheegi Bheegi’ [GANGSTER] in one album. METRO should eventually turn out to be a classic rock album.

Is it a safe experiment in the end?
Arrey kahan! I won’t call it safe at all since all of this is being aimed at a niche audience. The film itself will have a cult feel to it and the music has to be in synch with it. If you ask me the definition of safe, I would say my forthcoming AWAARAPAN is safe. All the songs for that film are recorded and for that I can assure that it is superhit material.

How about your just released – JUST MARRIED? It isn’t exactly setting the music charts on fire in spite of some beautiful tunes.
That’s the sad part. There is one thing called as a good song and another, which is a hit song. Probably the songs of JUST MARRIED fall in the former category. I hear the album is just hanging around the bottom of the Top-10 charts but how much I wish it could move up further. It was great to be associated with Gulzar saab for the songs and it was a soul-satisfaction while working with him. Personally I am very happy with the way the album shaped up and I hope after the release of the film, the music picks up too.


- By Glamsham Editorial

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