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Interview with Raksha Mistry : Bubbling with energy and immense enthusiasm - now that's director Raksha Mistry for you

"Bubbling with energy and immense enthusiasm - now that's director Raksha Mistry for you"

View THE KILLER Press Meet - Picture GalleryBubbling with energy and immense enthusiasm - now that's director Raksha Mistry for you. She is the same woman who along with Hasnain Hyderabadwaala had come up with 'desi' and hilarious take on Hollywood blockbuster COLLATERAL in the form of THE KILLER last year. The film may have underperformed at the box office but that hardly a difference to the upcoming projects of the director duo as they soon roped in Emraan Hashmi again for their next film, this time a dramatic Thriller called THE TRAIN.

We catch up with the lady to know more about the progress of the film and how she looks forward to her Bollywood career ahead.

'I am ready for the film to be gift wrapped and presented to Narendra and Shyam Bajaj (the producers of the film)', she says elatedly! 'It is just one more song that remains to be picturised and after that we are all set to begin the post production. In fact we have just come out of the dance number called 'Teri Tamanna' which has been composed by Mithoon (as is the rest of the soundtrack). Believe me; it is going to be a major highlight of the film!'

Ya, why not? After all she has beautiful ladies like Geeta Basra and Sayali Bhagat in the film's star cast who only add to the glamour quotient. 'Don't be mistaken that they are only for the glamour element,' she interrupts, “you would be shocked to see the way the two ladies have handled their roles in such a matured manner.”

So how are things on sets with them around? 'Arrey you were right when you rechristened Geeta as Geeta 'filmy' Basra. She is truly so filmy, in fact to such an extent that we have to keep telling her to sometimes get out of her overtly filmy garb! She is a big time film fanatic', Raksha jokes.

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Those who have been following up the film's progress are aware about the fact that there is another man in the film who plays a villain and whose identity has been kept under wraps. 'And I am not talking about him even today', she laughs, 'it will come out once the film's release date is near. But let me tell you that there has been so much of beating up that happened between he two that we were required to have 'champi-wallahs' at the sets 24*7. The two actors would beat each other and then laugh about it over all the 'tel-malish'!

So when does the film get ready for release now? 'Pehle socha tha ki February would be fine but now we have decided to bring it only after the World Cup', she confirms.

With THE TRAIN coming to a close, what should be occupying her and Hasnain. 'A lot', she winks, 'There are a couple of major projects coming up about which there would be an announcement soon. Not sure about how the industry would react but it would indeed be a 'dhamakedar' journey for us!'

- By Glamsham Editorial

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